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Jamey Codding: Archive Pg 1 of 1


  • Phony sports headlines (08/14/2003)
    We're always hearing the same basic sports stories with different characters in slightly modified situations. Tired of the monotony, Jamey delivers more interesting headlines, such as, "REELING TIGERS NO-HIT...DURING BATTING PRACTICE."

  • Baseball's overdue correction (08/07/2003)
    The carelessly excessive spending that polluted baseball for so long has forced many owners and GMs to eat immovable contracts to cut costs this season. Jamey says it's both refreshing and reassuring to see team execs finally paying for their past mistakes.

  • History says Kobe's image will survive (07/31/2003)
    Foretelling the demise of Kobe Bryant's love affair with NBA consumers has become chic in the wake of the sexual assault charges filed against the Lakers guard, but Jamey says fans have proven they're willing to look past the personal problems of star athletes like Bryant and Jason Kidd.

  • Retouching J-Lo and Junior (07/24/2003)
    Inspired by rumors that Jennifer Lopez had her prominent booty downsized on the movie posters for "Gigli," Jamey looks at some athletes who would benefit from a little retouching of their own, including Ken Griffey Jr. and Phil Mickelson.

  • Lost the Edge (07/17/2003)
    While everybody's focused on LaDainian Tomlinson, Ricky Williams and Priest Holmes, Jamey says two-time rushing champ Edgerrin James will remind us all why he was considered the best running back in the AFC just two years ago.

  • The right decisions for Payton and Malone? (07/10/2003)
    Gary Payton and Karl Malone reportedly will sign bargain contracts with the Lakers for a chance at a championship. While Jamey says seeing marquee players give up the bling for the ring is refreshing, he wonders if their plan will actually work.

  • To be or not to be (patient) (07/02/2003)
    Patient running backs deliver 1,000-yard seasons and patient hitters hover around .300, but Jamey says that fans, who want to win now, don't have the patience to wait on upside and potential. That's bad news for LeBron James.

  • As good as it gets for Tiger? (06/11/2003)
    Because he hasn't won a major since last year, everybody says Tiger Woods is in a slump. But Jamey wonders if what we're now seeing from Tiger, undoubtedly a great golfer, is merely the norm rather than a slump.

  • No sympathy for Steinbrenner (06/04/2003)
    The Boss is unhappy again, only this time George Steinbrenner is upset with baseball's schedule makers, saying they treat the Yankees unfairly. But for some reason, Jamey has a hard time feeling sorry for George. 

  • Too good to be true? Nah (05/27/2003)
    For years, conspiracy theorists have been claiming that the NBA Draft Lottery is fixed. But now that the league's sorriest team actually landed the first pick this year, Jamey wonders why everybody's still suspicious. 

  • We were the champions (05/22/2003)
    Even though we know better, Jamey says we tend to attribute our sports heroes and champions with a certain level of immortality, which makes it almost shocking when a team like the Lakers actually loses a playoff series.

  • Lucky lotto numbers (05/15/2003)
    It's the most uneventful NBA event ever, the Draft Lottery, but this year Jamey says it qualifies as "Must See TV" as 13 teams all have hopes of landing perhaps the hottest prospect in the history of organized sports, LeBron James. 

  • Watered-down pitching & watered-down records (05/08/2003)
    Everybody's talking about the depreciating value of baseball's once-prestigious 500 Home Run Club, a topic Jamey covered two years ago. With some updated stats, Jamey revisits his past column and looks at this issue again. 

  • Inside the numbers (04/23/2003)
    Like any baseball junkie, Jamey loves stat hunting early in the season because he always uncovers some remarkable numbers, like J.T. Snow's league leading RBI total, Randy Johnson's 8.31 ERA and the 41 team steals by the Florida Marlins. 

  • Griffey...hurt? That didn't take long (04/10/2003)
    As Ken Griffey Jr. and Vince Carter have proven yet again, talent means nothing if you never have the chance to use it. With Junior and Vince once again on the shelf, Jamey wonders if they'll ever again be the superstars they once were.

  • Take me back to the ballgame (04/02/2003)
    The 2003 baseball season is finally here, and after a few weeks off Jamey's ready to give his predictions for the upcoming year. Who wins the AL Wild Card? Who takes the NL Central crown? Who will meet in the World Series? Who gets hurt first, Juan Gonzalez or Ken Griffey Jr.? Jamey's got the answers. 

  • From the prom to the playoffs (02/25/2003)
    While Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady give hope to high school hoopsters who dream of jumping to the NBA, Jamey says history tells us that this trio is the exception to the rule. 

  • From the "who cares" department... (02/18/2003)
    With nothing of much significance going on in the world of sports right now, Jamey says most of the headlines are yawners, including Tiger's spat with Lefty and all the bogus NBA trade rumors.

  • The end is here (02/10/2003)
    Michael Jordan delivered some more memorable moments during the 2003 NBA All-Star game, but Jamey says it was still painfully clear that the time has come for MJ and his wagging tongue to call it a career.

  • Until we meet again (02/04/2003)
    Jamey finishes his review of the 2002 NFL season, pondering questions like why is Terrell Davis talking comeback, why is Angie Harmon still with Jason Sehorn, and why the hell did Rodney Peete start 14 games for the Panthers?

  • Hey, I never claimed to be a psychic (01/28/2003)
    Unwilling to completely let go of the 2002 NFL campaign after such a boring Super Bowl, Jamey looks back at some of the things he thought he knew before the season started.

  • Two superstars are better than one (01/21/2003)
    Prompted by a reader to turn his attention toward the NBA, Jamey wonders how so many people are already counting out Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and the three-time champion LA Lakers.

  • Late-game leniency? (01/15/2003)
    Bill Cowher says referee Ron Blum shouldn't have taken a win away from his Steelers with a late penalty, but Jamey says the call was right regardless of when it was made.

  • This one's for all the marbles (01/08/2003)
    Jamey says that, thanks to one play in each of their respective games, the Buckeyes, Steelers and 49ers all ended up on the victorious end of some extremely close scores last weekend.

  • Rooting for the underDawgs (12/31/2002)
    Nobody's giving the Buckeyes and Browns much of a chance this weekend against the Hurricanes and Steelers, but Jamey says with the way underdogs have been playing recently the two Ohio teams could surprise.

  • It's that time of year again (12/19/2002)
    The holidays are here, and Jamey again delivers a rendition of the classic poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," complete with a strong sports flavor.

  • Two painful losses (12/11/2002)
    Once the symbol of the New England Patriots, Drew Bledsoe is now the leader of the Buffalo Bills. Failing in two chances to extract revenge from his former team this season, Jamey says Bledsoe will now have to wait until next year to prove himself. 

  • A new home for Thome (12/05/2002)
    Since money seems to talk much louder than loyalty in sports these days, Jamey's not really surprised that Jim Thome left Cleveland for Philadelphia. He just wishes the first baseman had been a little more honest with his former fans.

  • Handing off the torch in Dallas (11/20/2002)
    Jamey says now that Emmitt Smith has his rushing record to go along with an MVP and three Super Bowl rings, it's time for the Dallas Cowboys to finally get a long look at the younger Troy Hambrick.

  • Living out a fantasy (11/13/2002)
    Some people may not understand it and his wife certainly doesn't like it, but Jamey is an admitted fantasy sports geek...and he knows he's not alone.

  • Barry's last chance? (10/31/2002)
    Following San Francisco's World Series loss to the Anaheim Angels, Jamey says Barry Bonds may never again have the opportunity to shed the "no championship" label that's haunted so many other great athletes, past and present.

  • Try handing the ball off, knucklehead! (10/24/2002)
    The Rams are 2-5 and the champion Patriots have dropped three-straight.... Hey, Jamey's got an idea for Mike Martz and Bill Belichick: Give the ball to Marshall Faulk and Antowain Smith 25 times per game and see what happens.

  • Around the sports world in 1,000 words (10/17/2002)
    Jamey, who's always been somewhat "long-winded" behind a computer screen, tries to run through as many sports topics as he can in just 1,000 words. Can he succeed?

  • A lesson in investing, NFL style (10/09/2002)
    Looking back at the 1999 NFL draft, Jamey examines the quarterback class that supposedly would rival the legendary 1983 class of John Elway, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino. The results obviously aren't pretty.

  • Cleveland sports: A cruel joke (10/03/2002)
    The Cleveland Sports Curse is alive and well, having already cost the Browns two wins in four games this year. Jamey, a life-long Cleveland fan, wonders if this unbearable curse will ever be lifted.

  • A mystery wrapped in a criminal record (09/26/2002)
    With so many people calling for the Vikings to release Randy Moss following his "traffic problem," Jamey wonders if fans would be more forgiving if Moss were performing at a higher level on the field.

  • It's do or die already? (09/18/2002)
    With the Rams and Steelers staring down the barrel of identical 0-2 records, Jamey says it's not too early to start talking about "must-wins" as we head into the third week of the NFL schedule.

  • 365 days ago (09/11/2002)
    It's been one year since the tragic events of 9/11, and while the initial shock has gradually worn off the painful memories from that day remain. Jamey remembers how family, friends and his love of sports helped him heal.

  • The owners aren't blameless (08/29/2002)
    He tried to avoid it, but Jamey once again talks about the potential baseball strike, saying that while the players have been the target of most of the public criticism, the owners absolutely deserve some of the blame too.

  • The results are in (08/22/2002)
    Jamey reveals the voting results of his personal baseball boycott column from two weeks ago, complete with some great reader commentary!

  • Rock the vote (08/07/2002)
    Jamey needs your help. If baseball strikes he's not going to boycott the game; instead, he's going to boycott a particular player. Take a couple minutes to read through his list of candidates then place your vote.

  • Sunday (touchdown) drives (08/01/2002)
    With NFL training camps finally underway and baseball's labor issues out of control, Jamey turns his attention to football, listing 10 things we know heading into the season, 10 things we don't know and 10 things we may never know.

  • Who still loves this game? (07/25/2002)
    Even with the temporary return of Michael Jordan, the NBA's glory days are long gone. Jamey tries to figure out why the league's popularity has plummeted so dramatically in recent years, pointing to Allen Iverson's arrest and the Eastern Conference's inferiority as a couple of potential reasons.

  • I promise, no more Yankees...after this (07/17/2002)
    He didn't want to do it, but prompted by even more reader e-mails, Jamey decided to revisit the Yankees' financial advantages and the overall declining stature of baseball in general.

  • Yankees fans respond (07/10/2002)
    Knowing that his anti-Yankees column last week would spark some hate mail from loyal pinstripers, Jamey responds to a couple messages from irate Yankee fans.

  • Living a charmed Bronx life (07/03/2002)
    Witnessing firsthand the rebuilding process in Cleveland, Jamey professes his hatred for the New York Yankees and George Steinbrenner's insanely deep pockets.

  • Burn, baby, burn (06/28/2002)
    With the trade of Bartolo Colon to the Expos, the Cleveland Indians have officially kick-started a rebuilding process, a move that Jamey says will pay off in the long run for all Tribe fans.

  • Sarcasm at its finest (06/27/2002)
    Jamey wonders if all these dressed-up schemes designed to generate increased fan interest, including this Sunday's "MLB All Star Selection Show," will honestly help baseball repair its faltering public image.

  • Inside is off-limits (06/20/2002)
    Because of unnecessary bench warnings from umpires and ridiculous fines from league officials, Jamey says it has been increasingly difficult for pitchers to use the inside part of the plate.

  • The needle and the damage done (06/12/2002)
    Jamey says that baseball's steroids scandal has caused many fans, disappointed by these revelations, to draw unfounded conclusions about players with impressive power numbers and added muscle.

  • Nobody wants to be like this Mike (06/05/2002)
    Jamey looks at the phenomenon that is Mike Tyson and hopes that a sound beating at the hands of Lennox Lewis will finally end our enduring fascination with the disturbed former champ.

  • Decision time for the Cavs (05/29/2002)
    The Cleveland Cavaliers are a pitiful team, and Jamey says it will only get worse if they trade star point guard Andre Miller.

  • Will work for receptions (05/23/2002)
    Ryan Leaf can find another job but Chris Carter can't? Jamey says that, while Carter's intense desire to win was certainly a great asset on the field, it may have cost him his 16th and final NFL season.

  • No way, Jose (05/15/2002)
    Jose Canseco just retired, and despite Jamey's previous efforts to dispel his supposed Hall of Fame credentials, there are still people who say the former Bash Brother is Cooperstown-worthy.

  • Welcome back (05/01/2002)
    Jamey wonders why so many sports fans find it necessary to boo former hometown players when they come back wearing different uniforms, guys like Jason Giambi in Oakland, Roger Clemens in Boston and even Michael Jordan in Chicago.

  • Promise vs. proficiency: where's the payoff? (04/24/2002)
    While the NBA draft now centers more on upside and potential, NFL teams proved this past weekend that there's no real substitute for proven talent and production.

  • Do I really need a reason? (04/17/2002)
    He's not really sure why he loves baseball so much, but sometimes Jamey wonders if even needs a reason.

  • Motor City meltdown (04/11/2002)
    Heads have already rolled in Detroit following an 0-6 start, but while Jamey agrees with GM Randy Smith's firing, he wonders exactly how much manager Phil Garner could be blamed for the Tigers' poor results.

  • Early baseball lessons (04/03/2002)
    It's baseball season once again, and thanks to a free preview of MLB Extra Innings from his cable provider, Jamey's had access to dozens of games the past few days.

  • A great dunker, but not a great player (03/27/2002)
    Jamey's tired of hearing about the "great Vince Carter" and all the "Next Jordan" talk. For his money, Jamey prefers Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant over Air Canada.

  • Our responsibility to ourselves (03/20/2002)
    Following the death of 13-year-old Brittanie Cecil at an NHL game in Columbus, Jamey hopes fans across the country realize just how dangerous sporting events can be, especially if they're not paying attention to the action on the field. 

  • A growing sports epidemic (03/13/2002)
    Jamey's an avid fantasy sports nut, but could they be ruining the games we love? After talking to a few professional athletes, he thinks there may be cause for concern.

  • The March Massacre (02/27/2002)
    Parity in the NFL is supposed to be a great thing, but Jamey says the long list of deadline cuts makes it evident that the salary cap just isn't working very well.

  • It's a baseball party, but who invited you? (02/20/2002)
    It's spring training time, meaning baseball season is upon us. It's a great time of year but Jamey wishes senior citizens like Jose Canseco and Rickey Henderson would just go away.
  • The (bad) name game (02/13/2002)
    Jamey looks at some of the best names in the world of sports, including Earthwind Moreland, Dick Such and Josh Lovelady.
  • Return of the King. Yuck (02/06/2002)
    After falling just short last year, the Yankees should have the World Series locked up in 2002 by April or May. And nothing would sicken Jamey more than another pinstriped October.
  • Comedy in the boxing ring (01/30/2002)
    Looking for a good laugh on Friday nights? Jamey suggests catching the Tough Bowl on FX, where you'll see former NFL veterans like Ickey Woods and Dexter Manley step off the football field and into the boxing ring.
  • Behind enemy lines (01/23/2002)
    Find out why Jamey had to defy every fiber of his being by actually rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend.
  • 2002: What we'll be watching (01/16/2002)
    Instead of handing out his own year-end awards or giving his predictions for the coming 12 months, Jamey looks ahead to the potential sports stories that will dominate the headlines in 2002.

  • Casting the intelligent vote (01/09/2002)
    Jamey wonders how the writers who are privileged enough to cast Hall of Fame votes every year could ever select guys like Mike Greenwell and Tim Wallach on their ballots.
  • A sports fan's Christmas story (12/20/2001)
    Hoping to commemorate the holiday season, Jamey puts a sports nut's spin on a Christmas classic.
  • Where have you gone, Robbie Alomar? (12/13/2001)
    Jamey takes a look at the future for the Cleveland Indians...and he doesn't really like what he sees.
  • High expectations, disappointed fans (12/05/2001)
    Jordan's back...and nobody seems very happy about it, but Jamey says we need to have a little patience.
  • These rules weren't made to be broken (11/21/2001)
    The recent arrests of Gerard Warren, Mike Sellers and Lamar Chapman -- not to mention the team's 5-4 record -- prove that the Cleveland Browns are officially back.
  • Lady luck lends a hand (11/15/2001)
    Jamey looks at the results of some of this year's NFL games and notices the standings would be very different if a few teams had a little more luck on their side.
  •'s SAT (11/07/2001)
    In the midst of a great time for sports fans, Jamey challenges his readers with his Sports Aptitude Test. See how you measure up!
  • Hey, don't forget about us, Part II (10/25/2001)
    After giving out the distinguished Hole in Your Bat award last week, Jamey looks to hand out the pitcher's equivalent, the Jose Lima award, this week.
  • Hey, don't forget about us (10/18/2001)
    Everyone talks about who the MVP and Cy Young award winners should be in baseball, but Jamey's much more interested in who will win the Hole in Your Bat award.
  • An early request (10/10/2001)
    With the baseball playoffs in full swing and Christmas only a couple months away, Jamey has a wish list one item long for a certain someone in the North Pole.
  • History repeating itself...again (10/04/2001)
    Taking a look at the Falcons, Broncos and Jags sidelines, Jamey sees some familiar faces sitting on the bench in street clothes.
  • Deadline day in review (09/27/2001)
    Jamey looks back at all the deals made before baseball's July 31st trade deadline, trying to figure out who the winners and losers actually were.
  • Let's play ball! (09/20/2001)
    We'll never forget the horrors of September 11, 2001, but Jamey is thankful that thousands of people can now turn to the National Pastime for a temporary diversion.
  • The proper steps? (09/13/2001)
    In the wake of a national tragedy, Jamey looks at the sports world's role in our road to recovery and closure.
  • A winning combination (09/06/2001)
    Using last season as a guide, Jamey looks at what it takes to win in the 21st century NFL.
  • Forgive and forget? Not again... (08/30/2001)
    In a letter written to Major League Baseball's owners and players, Jamey says he's not sure the game's loyal fans would tolerate another strike, not after the ugly work stoppage of 1994.
  • Buckle up and enjoy the ride, Part II (08/22/2001)
    In the second part of this series, Jamey looks at some tight National League postseason races.
  • Buckle up and enjoy the ride (08/15/2001)
    With only six weeks left in the baseball season, Jamey looks at the American League's divisional and wild card races in the first installment of this two-part series.
  • Happy endings or artificial heroes? (08/02/2001)
    Conspiracy theorists have invaded the sports world, jumping on guys like Lance Armstrong and Dale Earnhardt Jr. But Jamey says it's time to give these guys the respect they deserve.
  • Not-so-prudent investments (07/24/2001)
    While the Lakers, Kings and 76ers may have more money to spend on the free agent market, Jamey says teams like the Nets and Bulls are making some questionable investment choices that'll likely keep them in the cellar for years. 
  • Fore! crying out loud (07/18/2001)
    Until he figures out how to straighten out his slice, Jamey has to learn how to deal with those obnoxious Pseudo-Pros at the driving range. 
  • All Star Story (07/11/2001)
    For the first time in quite a while, the MLB All Star game lived up to the hype, providing a well-written script and several epic heroes.  
  • Please, don't ring this Bell (06/28/2001)
    Jamey still can't believe David Bell may have enough fan votes to start at third base in this year's All Star game. 
  • Bullz-Eye's Sports Freak Quiz (06/21/2001)
    Take the quiz to find out if you're a bona-fide sports junkie. 
  • Downhill from here (06/11/2001)
    Last week, 12-year-old Robbie Knight pitched a perfect game with 18 strikeouts in six innings, winning the game 7-0. Jamey takes a look at Robbie's  baseball future and concludes that, for someone with his ability, things look bleak. 
  • Watered-down pitching & watered-down records (06/01/2001)
    In the past, a player with 500 career home runs was destined for Cooperstown.  But with guys like Jose Canseco and Fred McGriff creeping toward that milestone, Jamey wonders if it's still a worthy Hall of Fame gauge. 
  • NBA or bust (05/22/2001)
    It may be a long shot, but Jamey wonders if he has what it takes to make the NBA.
  • My mistress (05/10/2001)
    Because Jamey was recently married, he feels it's finally time to come clean about his long-standing affair.
  • A meaningless stance (04/19/2001)
    Jamey is tired of athletes like Karl Malone saying one thing and then doing another.
  • I love this game (04/10/2001)
    He may not be very good, but Jamey loves heading out to the golf course throughout the spring and summer months.
  • Hey, Pinocchio, it's Opening Day! (03/28/2001)
    Jamey explains why calling off work on Opening Day is so important, and even outlines a few classic excuses to hand to your boss this year.
  • What a month (03/16/2001)
    Is there a better time to be a sports fan than in the month of March? 
  • A Buckeye October, Part II (02/28/2001)
    Jamey wraps up this series with a close look at the upcoming season for the Cleveland Indians.
  • A Buckeye October, Part I (02/21/2001)
    In the first of a two-part series, Jamey takes a look at the Cincinnati Reds as he wonders just how realistic the chances of an All-Ohio World Series would be.
  • A sports fan's birthday wish list (02/06/2001)
    Jamey gives us a peak at his b-day list for this year.
  • Xtreme Xcitement between the sidelinez (02/01/2001)
    The XFL may not appeal to many NFL fans, but with Vince McMahon leading the way it could be around for a while.
  • NFL All-Convict team (01/23/2001)
    Check out Jamey's list of football's all-time criminals, complete with an inspiring honorary captain.
  • Puck vs. Donnie Baseball: Not even close (01/19/2001)
    Some argue Kirby Puckett and Don Mattingly had identical numbers, but one had a Hall of Fame career while the other only had a few Hall of Fame seasons. 
  • Time to crown a new Series champ (01/12/2001)
    As always, the Yankees are the popular pick in 2001, but with several American League teams improving this offseason, it won't be a cake walk for the champs. 
  • Monstrous ego is A-Rod's best bud (12/26/2000)
    The man with the fattest wallet in sports also carries around a gargantuan ego.
  • It's always about the money (12/13/2000)
    They probably won't win a World Series anytime soon, but Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez are two extremely wealthy men.
  • Snyder's scapegoat (12/05/2000)
    Daniel Snyder needed someone to blame for the Redskins' pitiful season. Norv Turner was his easiest target.
  • Bigger than the game? Hardly (11/14/2000)
    Will this group of free agents sink America's Favorite Pastime?
  • There is an "I" in his team (11/08/2000)
    The Philadelphia 76ers started the 2000 NBA season with a bang but unless Allen Iverson finally realizes he can't win alone, the excitement in Philly will fizzle. 
  • Give me a break (10/31/2000)
    Even though the Yankees have won four of the last five World Series titles, baseball's reliance on free agency has made dynasties a thing of the past.
  • Imperfect and in trouble (10/23/2000)
    The Rams just lost their first game of the season...and more disappointment could follow.
  • The Subway Series (10/21/2000)
    You may not be able to root for either World Series team this year, but you've gotta watch.
  • The juiced ball? How about juiced players? (10/15/2000)
    Steroid use in baseball is slowly becoming a major problem, but nobody's talking about it.
  • Stay out of it (10/08/2000)
    The NHL may be setting an unwanted precedent in the controversial Marty McSorely case.
  • Is this Soul Train or football? (09/30/2000)
    San Francisco wide receiver Terrell Owens' midfield celebrations in Dallas were just the latest incidents of football players needlessly bringing the dance club to the football field. 
  • Online national pride (09/25/2000)
    Dedicated Americans everywhere prefer the Web to NBC's taped coverage of the Olympics.
  • The home stretch (09/15/2000)
    As we head toward the playoffs, only a few National League teams have postseason hopes.
  • In this corner... (09/10/2000)
    The American League playoff picture is still cloudy, but a couple teams have the upper hand.
  • Triple-crowned Canadian king? (09/03/2000)
    Two first basemen are charging toward baseball immortality this season.
  • You don't have to be a fan to be impressed (08/27/2000)
    You may be tired of seeing Tiger Woods on TV, but you can't ignore his remarkable success.
  • Members only (08/19/2000)
    Could Todd Helton be primed to join one of baseball's most elite clubs?
  • The season of truth (08/13/2000)
    Six young quarterbacks are ready to show the NFL what they're made of in 2000.
  • Fighting for second (08/05/2000)
    A handful of teams made deadline deals to better themselves, but they're all simply fighting for the opportunity to lose to the Yankees in the playoffs.
  • Return to glory? (07/30/2000)
    After delivering impressive seasons in 1998, Terrell Davis, Jamal Anderson and Fred Taylor watched much of last season from the sidelines. Are they healthy enough to perform in 2000?
  • A tale of two champions (07/24/2000)
    Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong are the best in their respective sports, and their total domination over the competition is awe inspiring.
  • Second guessing? (07/16/2000)
    The complicated plan that was to lead the Orlando Magic to a championship failed when one man chose Texas over Florida.
  • Don't blame us (07/09/2000)
    Baseball's All-Star selection process may not be perfect, but the fans shouldn't be punished.
  • Have the mighty fallen? (07/03/2000)
    Either the Cleveland Indians or the New York Yankees have represented the AL in every World Series since 1995, but are times changing in the Junior Circuit?

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