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Sports Channel : Jamey Codding


  • Father most certainly knows best (04/28/2004)
    Archie Manning is taking a lot of heat for telling the San Diego Chargers not to draft his son Eli, but Jamey has no problem with a father looking out for his son's best interests, especially considering the hell Archie endured in 11 seasons with the abysmal Saints.

  • LeBron delivers from day one (10/30/2003)
    No matter what kind of numbers LeBron James finishes his rookie season with, Jamey says he’s already achieved something remarkable: He's generated excitement in the Cavs. And while his debut resulted in a tough loss, it also offered plenty of hope for the future.

  • Red Sox and Cubs in the World Series? Maybe when... (10/01/2003)
    Thousands of baseball fans in Chicago and Boston believe this is the year the Cubs and Red Sox will finally end their respective championship droughts. News of a cold front passing through Hell has Jamey wondering if maybe they're right.

  • Kurt Warner deserves better (09/11/2003)
    Two years ago, Kurt Warner was the best quarterback in football and now some claim he's not even the best quarterback on his team. Amidst rumors that he'll be benched for Marc Bulger, Jamey has a hard time understanding how all that Warner's accomplished can so easily be dismissed.

  • Barry Sanders is gone forever (09/04/2003)
    Every year, rumors of Barry Sanders ending his retirement are fueled by fans who want to see #20 back on the field. But Jamey Codding says that, at the age of 35 and with his pristine reputation in tact, Barry's NFL career is over.

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Jamey will take a weekly romp through the sports world in his column, and plans on using this space as his own personal soapbox. Jamey, a bona fide sports nut who currently lives in the Cleveland area, decided to write about sports rather than honing his own athletic gifts into a multi-million dollar baseball career. Any feedback to Jamey's articles can be sent to : Feedback - Link to Us  - About B-E - FAQ - Advertise with Us

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