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Bullz-Eye.com is here to help you on your journey from adolescence to manhood...and back to adolescence. Bullz-Eye is an online men's lifestyle magazine and portal site created by guys for guys who want great entertainment and reliable information that is quick, easy to find and current.

Bullz-Eye is updated daily with entertaining content covering movies, music, TV, sports, fitness and humor. Of course, we also pay well-deserved attention to the opposite sex, with our amazing photo shoots. Check out our incredible Featured Models, updated each month, along with our popular Girl Next Door section and our new Glamour Girls section. We're also starting to bring you beautiful girls straight from Hollywood with our Hollywood Girls section. Also, if you're one of those guys who clams up when you actually get in front of pretty girls, our Dating Tips section is for you. It's also great if you just want to elevate your game!

We recently added our Video channel, and that's been a huge hit. We provide links to sexy and hilarious video cips, and we will be adding more videos on Bullz-Eye as we build this section out further so check back often! Also, check out our new Bullz-Eye Blog for entertainment and lifestyle tips.

We believe life is meant to be enjoyed, so we created our Vices channel to help you enjoy the finer things, along with those things some might try to deny you! We believe in live and let live! Life is pretty damn boring sometimes and we're all entitled to our guilty pleasures. So, have a beer, smoke a cigar or mix yourself a drink, and let us help you find the good stuff!

Of course, we don't want you to drop dead when you're forty, so you can use our popular Fitness channel to get in shape and keep in shape. Our fitness editor, Mike Furci, has been with us from the beginning. He has a loyal following because he won't bullshit you. He'll give you the best information on men's fitness and he'll give it to you straight!

Looking for something on the web? Why waste time viewing hundreds of web sites for information? Bullz-Eye editors screen thousands of web sites weekly looking for the best in each category for our Web Guide. Bullz-Eye also goes a step further by compiling new information that is nowhere else on the net. Our exclusive City Guide is created for the business or leisure traveler who finds himself in a new city and asks the question: What is there to do? We'll give you our favorite spots, along with links to the best web sites to guide you on your trip.

Finally, Bullz-Eye provides tons of content for those who want to read the latest on hot new cars, great travel packages, cool gadgets, stuff to buy, and special promotions and giveaways!

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