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Founded in 1927, Volvo has long been renowned for the safety of its vehicles. The company was originally founded by SKF, a Swedish ball bearing company. Several early models were actually criticized for high death rates during accidents, which led to serious marketing efforts that have carried the brand’s reputation through today. Of course, the company would need more than a reputation, and they invested in safety research and development as the backbone of the brand.

In 1999 Ford purchased the Swedish brand as an addition to its Premier Auto Group. The brand has continually struggled to remain profitable against brands like Mercedes and BMW. When Ford announced the sale of Land Rover and Jaguar in 2007, many speculated that Volvo would have been a better choice. Despite faltering sales numbers, Volvo brand loyalty is extremely high, and the new C30 could be set to rejuvenate the company.

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Volvo Reviews

2011 Volvo S60 T62011 Volvo S60 T6
April 12, 2011

The Volvo S60 is sharp and stylish, but it doesn't scream for attention with gimmicks. A comfortable luxury sedan with solid fuel efficiency, the new S60 is a gem in a crowded field.


Volvo Cars
Volvo’s official site sports a clean design to back up a decent amount of information concerning the actual vehicles. Be sure to check out their ‘About Volvo’ section for a detailed look at the technology that goes into every Volvo. It seems the brand still knows their strength lies in the cars, and their site reflects that vision.

Volvo at Wikipedia
The Volvo page at Wikipedia could use a serious work over for accuracy and citations, but it’s still got a ton of information, and who are we to dispute it? Most of the page focuses on the safety developments of the brand. We also love any site that offers a photo gallery of the most classic models from any brand.

Volvo at Autoblog
If you can find a manufacturer for which Autoblog can’t deliver, we’d surely like to see it. These guys will keep you as close to the Volvo front line as possible. The C30 is definitely one of the most exciting cars we’ve seen from Volvo in some time, and you can bet Autoblog will let us know just how it’s doing.

Community Sites

Volvo Club of America
It can be tough to find a well-organized club for the car of your choice. Luckily, Volvo’s got one. The Volvo Club of America has a great site that acts as a hub for club chapters around the United States. The club also has its own forum, with threads devoted to regional chapters and upcoming club events.

Volvo Forums
This forum has over 15,000 members, which ain’t half bad for luxury brand forums. The page has model specific threads for legacy models and current models alike, making this a great place to hang your hat with fellow enthusiasts throughout the day. Be sure to introduce yourself if you want to make an impression.

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