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Ferdinand Porsche’s name echoes so far into automotive history and resonates with so many different manufacturers it would take pages and pages to cover. He was a man of singular vision, producing classics like the Mercedes Compressor to huge success on the racetrack. But Porsche wouldn’t deem it necessary to open his own facilities until 1931, when he had already been in the business for more than 30 years. Still, a late start is better than no start, and Porsche birthed a legacy that persists yet today.

The Porsche 911 is one of the most recognizable rides on the road. The automaker has expanded its line to include the Cayenne mid-size SUV and the Porsche Boxster, a car that handily competes with other European daily drivers. The brand still has strong roots in racing industry, and shares a celebrated rivalry with supercar manufacturer Ferrari. Persistence is the name of the Porsche game. It is a company that has weathered a fickle industry with a stability that is surely the envy of the industry.

Porsche Videos

Here's the 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S

Sites worth visiting

The official Porsche page perfectly reflects the steadfastness of the brand. The site is simple, clean, and extremely informative. Porsche leaves the fancy advertising gimmicks to its competitors, and focuses on exactly what we love about their vehicles: pure performance and gorgeous styling.

Porsche on Wikipedia
The Porsche page at Wikipedia takes a reverse route to the typical auto page. The site starts at the end, showcasing Porsche’s laundry list of recent accomplishments, and moving into the history of the brand. Again, we love how this emphasizes the steady pace with which Porsche has remained at the top of the industry. We would love to see some more legacy pics here, but they offer a nice sales breakdown of the past three years in the pictures’ stead.

Around the Blogosphere

Porsche at Autoblog
These two titans of their respective industries make for one great blog. The boys at Autoblog never miss a beat for us, and they’re reporting on Porsche this time. Could the reading get any better? We thought not. Autoblog updates ridiculously often, so keep this one bookmarked and check back often.

German Car Blog
So this one’s not exactly Porsche exclusive, but the guy writes great features with extensive news discussion and loads of pictures. You’ll get some Audi, some VW, and plenty of Porsche to keep you busy. At the very worst, you can smile as you see how these other brands pale in comparison to your favorite German brand.

Porsche at Motor Trend
Listing both Motor Trend and Autoblog always feels a little redundant, but the two have very distinct differences in style and reporting habits. At Autoblog, you’ll get the big stories mixed in with plenty of daily news. Here, you’ll find lengthy features on the biggest industry stories. And you gotta hand it to Motor Trend, they have one of the best garages around, so cross your fingers they get a look at that new Cayman.

Dashboard News - Porsche
THis car blog follows Porsche and other major car brands.

sub5zero.com - Porsche
This blog covers performance cars, and you'll find plenty of great information on the Porsche car lineup.

Community Sites

Porsche Club of America
The official Porsche Club of America is one of the most well supported clubs we’ve seen. They sponsor a full events calendar focused on more than just speeding down empty freeways and carving sharp lines on rural hillsides. This club is all about appreciating the beauty in manufacturing alongside the brilliant engineering that goes into every Porsche.

This technical forum is simply one of the greatest things we’ve ever seen on the web. The site has forums specifically devoted to the unique technical challenges of each and every Porsche model. Whether you’re looking to restore a classic or maintain your new 911, this is absolutely your spot on the web. Be sure to introduce yourself so the 22,000 members know how to help you best.

Flat 6
This site has the initial feel of a lot of retail sites on the web. All that flashy photography and zany organization actually come together to create an excellent community with a lot of information. The forums are solid – full of regular, friendly posters. Even better is the almanac of Porsche info down the left side of the page. They have guides on all of the models, down to trim packages and an up and coming wheel guide.

Recent News

Porsche Hits Fourth Record Year
Every year for the past four years Porsche has celebrated record sales in the United States. Despite the struggles of other automakers, Porsche has seen as much as 30% growth in some sales brackets.

Porsche and VW: The Birth Of A Dynasty
Really, the two Euro-giants have been working together for quite a while. Finally, Porsche is close to being the official controlling interest in Volkswagen. This article from the Times has been circulating plenty of national papers. Get the full story at the jump above.

New Boxer Caught Naked
This page from Auto Spies has plenty of pics featuring a nearly naked Boxter on the streets and testing. The shots showcase the, uh, facelift to the rear end, most notably those girly little taillights. Rumor has it the Cayman lights look fairly similar. Yikes.

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