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"Dr. No" was released in 1962, kicking off the most enduring franchise in movie history. James Bond quickly became an iconic character as the film producers developed and stuck with a reliable formula that featured beautiful babes, futuristic gadgets, hot sports cars, strange villains and exotic locations. Bond has enjoyed countless adventures over the years, all the while enjoying his "shaken, not stirred" martinis all over the world.

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We'll be taking a look back at every James Bond film one by one, starting at the beginning with "Dr. No" and all the Sean Connery films, and then working our way through the rest featuring the other lucky actors who got to play 007.

Live and Let DieLive and Let Die
Roger Moore stars alongside then-unknown actress Jane Seymour in his first of many appearances as 007.
Diamonds Are ForeverDiamonds Are Forever
Sean Connery makes his final appearance as James Bond in a film recognized as official canon in this 1971 installment.
On Her Majesty's Secret ServiceOn Her Majesty's Secret Service
George Lazenby makes his first (and last) appearance as 007 in this much-loved Bond film that's one of the best in the series.
You Only Live TwiceYou Only Live Twice
The James Bond series settles in for the long, tongue-in-cheek haul with this often maligned but enjoyable entry that introduced us to Dr. Evil and was nearly Sean Connery's last stint as 007.
For many fans, "Thunderball" remains the ultimate in Bond action, intrigue, gadgets and girls, girls, girls. It's also the franchise's box office king and the last Bond film to win an Oscar.
Not only is the third Bond film one of the most popular of the series, "Goldfinger" also set a standard for action films in general and may well have been the first modern-day blockbuster.
From Russia with LoveFrom Russia with Love
Considered by many critics and fans to be the best movie in the Bond series, "From Russia with Love" pits our favorite killer spy against several SPECTRE villains and, of course, into the arms of several lovely ladies.
Dr. NoDr. No
Looking back on the first Bond film from 1962, it's amazing to see how much of the Bond formula was there from the very beginning. Bob Westal examines how Sean Connery landed the role as 007 and how all the Bond elements were introduced.

There are many aspects to the formula for the Bond films with cool gadgets and strange villains, but the Bond girls usually get most of the attention, and rightfully so. In Bob's look back at "Dr. No" he explained the Rule of 3, as Bond usually manages three romantic conquests per film. That leaves quite a trail of stunning beauties over the past 50 years and we'll be featuring some of the best.

Girls with Guns: James Bond EditionGirls with Guns: James Bond Edition
We love it when the beautiful women in Bond's life get in on the action by wielding their own firearms. Check out this slideshow for some of our favorite Girls with Guns photos from the series.
Binder's Full of WomenBinder's Full of Women
The curvaceous ladies, swirling colors and memorable pop songs of Maurice Binder's opening title sequences have set the tone throughout the James Bond franchise.
Bond Girls in bikinisBond Girls in bikinis
The Bond movies are beloved for lots of different reasons, but the eye candy is near the top of the list. Check out this slideshow of some of the most iconic bikini-clad Bond Girls to show up in the series.
Olga KurylenkoA chat with Olga Kurylenko

The Ukranian actress discussed her latest role opposite Tom Cruise in "Oblivion" and how being a Bond girl prepared her.

Famke JanssenA chat with Famke Janssen

Former Bond girl Famke Janssen chatted with Will Harris about her new Netflix horror series "Hemlock Grove."

Ivana MilicevicA chat with Ivana Milicevic

Bond girl Ivana Milicevic spoke with us about her role on the new Showtime series "Banshee," her favorite TV shows and more.

Daniela BianchiJane Seymour as Solitaire
The English actress was a relative unknown when she was cast in "Live and Let Die," but her iconic turn as the psychic Bond girl made her famous.
Daniela BianchiDaniela Bianchi as Tatiana Romanova
This Italian beauty was Miss Rome and a Miss Universe semi-finalist but definitely pulls off the look of a Russian blonde beauty.
Ursala AndressUrsula Andress as Honey Ryder
There have been many iconic moments in the Bond films, but Ursula Andress emerging from the ocean in the first Bond film, "Dr. No," may be one of the most memorable.
Olga KurylenkoOlga Kurylenko and Caterina Murino
These two exotic Bond beauties were on hand in Las Vegas in January to introduce the new James Bond Blu-ray collection.

The third Bond film with Daniel Craig playing 007 was released in November. Check out the official trailer:


Some Bond gadgets are cooler than others, as our list below lays out. And while the Aston Martin gets most of attention, over the years Bond tooled around in many different luxury cars, along with some other exotic modes of transportation.

Best and Worst Bond GadgetsThe Best (and Worst) Bond Gadget Arsenals
A spy is only as good as his full range of gear. Check out the best collection of gadgets from the Bond series, including watches, lasers and rocket cigarette launchers, along with some of the worst. Fake nipples and radioactive tracking lint, really?
Bond vehicles at Comic-ConBond vehicles at Comic-Con
Check out the four vehicles on display this year at Comic-Con celebrating 50 years of Bond.
Best and Worst Bond GadgetsJames Bond: The Spectre of a Boozehound
With the upcoming release of the new Bond film, "Spectre," we take a look back at 007's drinking habits in Ian Fleming's books and his big screen adventures.

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