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Grand Theft Auto. It may be a great video game series (and a cheesy movie directed by Ron Howard), but no one wants it to happen to them. There’s no way around it, having your car stolen sucks. What sucks the most about it is the sad fact that nearly every single car theft is completely avoidable if you follow some simple advice. The articles and sites below will tell you all you need to know, from what kind of cars are commonly stolen, to what kind of anti-theft devices are out there.

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General Tips and Articles

Vehicle Theft Prevention
Motor vehicles are the primary mode of transportation for most of us, and often an indispensable part of our lives. But what would happen if your vehicle suddenly disappeared? Over 700,000 drivers fall victim to this costly crime each year.

Here’s Why Car Thefts Are Soaring (Hint: Check Your Cup Holder)
The technology that once made cars nearly impossible to steal has ushered in a new era of joyriding in some cities, thanks to carelessness with key fobs.

Car Theft Capitals of the United States (2021)
While car theft has somewhat decreased over the last decade, in some cities, cars are still stolen at alarmingly high rates.

High-Tech GTA
Car thieves are turning into L33T HAX0RS. As car manufacturers have turned to high-tech keyless entry devices to combat car thieves, the criminals have turned in their crowbars for laptops and some can hack the computers of these cars in less than 20 minutes. It happened to David Beckham recently, but considering that man is worth more than most European nations, don’t feel too sorry for him.

Anti-Theft Devices

A bored science teacher strapped a giant Tesla coil to the top of his compact car to see what would happen. The result is one of the coolest, if horribly impractical, car theft deterrents ever made. I want one.

Bait Cars
Car theft is a horrible crime that leads to rising insurance rates for everyone in America. It can also be a great source of entertainment for bored people with computers. A “bait car” is a car left out by the police that idles to a stop soon after being stolen by unknowing car thieves. Even better is that once the car “breaks down” the doors lock shut and the windows won’t go down. Watching car thieves get caught in these mouse traps on wheels is almost as entertaining as watching pedophiles get busted by that one guy on Dateline.

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