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Car Enthusiast sites, car enthusiast blogs, car enthusiasts, car enthusiast web guide

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Some people see cars as simple forms of transportation, something that can get them from point A to point B. Then there are those people who see cars as an extension of their own body. They spend more time waxing their car than driving it. They’re home is decked out with more automotive-themed accessories than the hallways of Talladega, and given the choice between their girlfriend and their car; they might just pick the latter. These sites are for those people.

Top Speed
Hands down this is one the best and easiest-to-navigate car blogs out there. Not only is is it full of stellar content featuring a balanced selection of news items, reviews and silly videos; the amount of ways you can search through it is staggering. As far as I can tell they are the only car blog that allows you to simply click on a car manufacturer’s name on the homepage and immediately show you every item on the site related to it. If only all sites were as well-maintained and organized as this one.

Wired Car Blog
Geeks like cars too, and this blog is the ideal site for those of you who care just as much about what kind of processor chip is in our computer as much as you do the engine in your car. If you want to know how the latest in tech news will effect what you’ll be driving in a few years then this is the site for you. This blog also talks about more general car news items as well, such as car makers’ profits and much more.

Motortrend Blog
This is a nice well-rounded blog that covers the latest in car news, reviews and everything else that would probably appeal to a car fan. One of the best things about this blog is that they actually spend time discussing cars that regular people might actually be able to afford and not just high-end sports cars and SUVs.

Car Pics

Serious Wheels
Serious wheels? More like serious pictures. If you are looking for high-resolution pictures of your favorite automobile then this is the site for you. Not only do they have a massive collection of beautiful car pictures, but they also have a great selection of wallpapers featuring some of the hottest cars in the world. As if their picture collection wasn’t enough to warrant their site a must see, they also have an excellent video selection.

Rate Car Pics
It’s like Hot-Or-Not but with cars. It’s a pretty nice site with a good selection of pics, but for some reason the top car is a crummy dirt speedway racer.

The site is pretty ugly but their car pictures are beautiful. Don’t let the text-heavy layout fool you; this site has an amazing collection of car pictures that is constantly updated. They already have begun collecting pictures of 2008 model cars! You can also browse by make and model, as well as car type (muscle, sport, exotic and so on).

This is a small site that has a few good galleries and forums for different kinds of cars. Their focus seems to be on customized cars, but they don’t just have pictures of rice rockets and old ’57 Chevys. You want to see a tricked-out ’85 Astro van? How about a low-rider ’88 VW Golf? You’ll find them, as well as several other improbable custom jobs.

General Information

Car Junku
Our guide for car enthusiasts is a good jumping on point for those just getting into the car scene. If you want a massive amount of links to sites about everything you could possibly imagine that is remotely related to cars, including imports, custom jobs, car magazines and even vehicles like ATVs and RVs, then this is the place to be. This isn’t a guide to car enthusiast sites, it’s an encyclopedia!

R-Sport Cars
This is a great all-purpose site for those of you who like your cars fast and expensive. Over 50 car manufacturers are represented here, complete with high-resolution pictures and in-depth spec sheets. In addition to those goodies they also have a well-moderated and very active forum community, a nice selection of wallpapers and even some slick car crash videos for good measure!

Car Show News
Seeing pictures and reading reviews of cars is one thing, but getting up close and personal to them is something else entirely. This informative site features a huge searchable directory of car shows not only in America but across the world as well. You can search by state, and show type, making it very easy to narrow down your search to just the ones you care about.

Car Articles

The 3 Rarest Cars Found in Barns
Every car fanatic dreams of finding a rare vehicle tucked away in a dusty old barn, forgotten and discarded, but for some, that dream has come true. It’s still possible to find treasure among another man’s junk, as evidenced by these amazing finds.

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