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What comes to mind when you think about your next car? A cute compact? An adorable 3-cylinder engine? 71 horsepower? We thought not. But do you ever think of something smart? Designed to be lean and green, smart cars are hugely popular overseas, and they’re coming to the US in 2008. It may not be the brawn of your dreams, but it’s got the brains to make mother nature smile.

The smart concept began in 1994, and wouldn’t become a production level vehicle until 1998. Daimler-Benz AG purchased the company right-out that same year. The smart fortwo was one of just six cars to sit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It’s the only remaining production car to hold such a distinction. This certainly isn’t your grandfather’s muscle car.

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Mum seems to be the word from the official smart website. They have a handy FAQ and a nice product gallery, but they are lean on specs. Still, they have all the feel-good eco-info a guy could hope to handle.

Smart on Wikipedia
The smart entry on Wikipedia is surprisingly comprehensive. They’ve got a nice company history along with a discussion of smart distribution by region. If you’re new to smart, this is a good spot to learn a few things.

Smart Car of America
The name of the website is a bit misleading – this is not an official site. Smart Car of America is a privately held organization trying to get the word out for green drivers. They primarily promote smart brand cars, but they’ll also discuss other hybrids and non-conventional transportation options for the savvy consumer.

Smart at Autoblog
If you love cars, you’ve got to love Autoblog. If you love smart cars, you’ll can probably dig on the smart site at Autoblog. There’s a lot of buzz around modded smarts, and they cover it all. Check out those beefy, 112 horsepower tuned engines.

Smart Car Owners of Toronto
It’s a wonder how a teacher could manage to grade papers AND update 6 blogs, including this real-life look at owning smart. She updates consistently with all the latest news, including some general green reading to warm your soul.

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