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Bullz-Eye.com has been reviewing new movies since we launched the site back in 2000, and we're still going strong with regulular reviews each week Jason Zingale, David Medsker and other writers on our staff. See below for movie features, interviews and Blu-ray reviews as well.

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MOVIE reviews
comediesComedy Films

Everyone loves to laugh! Check out our latest reviews of comedies, and you can find our comedy reviews archive here.

December Movie PreviewDrama Films
Dramas often deliver the best of moviemaking. You can also check out our drama reviews archive.
action filmsAction Films

Action films are getting even more popular as movie studios see overseas dollar signs. See our full archive of action movies here.

Superhero FilmsSuperhero Films
We're big fans of superhero films, but Hollywood is getting a bit out of control as this genre is over-represented these days. You can find our archives for these films in our action/adventure archive here.
April Movie PreviewSuspense Films
We love movies built on suspense.You can also check out our suspense/thriller archive.
The 15 Best Horror MoviesHorror Films

Horror films have been all the rage for years. You can also check out our horror movie archive.

2013 Year End Movie ReviewSci-Fi Films
Science fiction movies stimulate the imagination. You can also check out our sci-fi archive.
January Movie PreviewMusical Films
Doesn't everyone love musicals? You can also check out our musicals archive.


MOVIE features
Best of the Bombs

"Howard the Duck" was a well-deserved flop back in 1986, but there are a number of box office bombs that actually warrant a second chance.

Remade Right

Hollywood has been remaking movies for longer than you realize, but what separates a good remake from a bad one?

For Great Drama, Comedy Is Key

The reason that shows like "Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad" are among the best TV dramas is their use of comedy.


MOVIE content
Dr. NoJames Bond Fan Hub
"Dr. No" was released in 1962, kicking off the most enduring franchise in movie history. James Bond quickly became an iconic character as the film producers developed and stuck with a reliable formula that featured beautiful babes, futuristic gadgets, hot sports cars, strange villains and exotic locations. Bond has enjoyed countless adventures over the years, all the while enjoying his "shaken, not stirred" martinis all over the world. We pay tribute to this iconic franchise by looking at each film one by one.
Movie InterviewsInterviews

Over the years, we've interviewed tons of actors, actresses, directors and other celebrities relating to the movies. More interviews can also be found here.

Blu TuesdayBlu Tuesday
Jason Zingale takes a look at the latest Blu-ray and 4K releases every Tuesday, covering movies, TV and more. Archived articles can be found here.
Directors Hall of FameDirectors Hall of Fame

We inducted two classes into our Directors Hall of Fame, with some of the greats including Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.


Check out our series where we looked back at some great movies with our Hidden Netflix Gems feature.

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