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They’re big. They’re bulky. They’re nearly indestructible. Now they're just part of car history after the GM bankruptcy left this brand for dead.

Still, they are the monstrous vehicles you hate to get stuck behind and wish you were driving. The Hummer brand held an interesting place in the American auto market – a military vehicle for the discerning nouveau riche. These behemoths flash status like none other, with bright colors and huge chrome grilles.

The HI, or Humvee, was originally a military production vehicle designed for high endurance in extreme environments. The original manufacturer, AM General, first released a civilian H1 in 1992. Since then, the Hummer has gained serious status, and the brand name was purchased by General Motors in 1998. While AM General continues to make the H2 and H3 for consumer use, the H1 has returned to exclusive military status.

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The Hummer home page is full of pictures and spec info on every Hummer model available. Build your custom color and pick through their financing options. Check out the Hummer World link for more information on the Hummer heritage and the brand around the world.

Hummer on Wikipedia
The Hummer page on Wikipedia has your standard fare: a discussion of each model and a brief history. They also cover some of the widespread environmental criticism the brand has received for being a rugged off-road vehicle that rarely sees any dirt.

Hummer at Autoblog
Autoblog makes no exception for the big and the beefy. They will diligently cover carmakers regardless of the size of their vehicles. This is the perfect spot to get the latest and greatest from the big world of Hummer.

Hummer Guy
Brian Dooley is a self-proclaimed Hummer fanatic, and he’s made a blog all about it. Hummer Guy gives you the ins and outs of Hummer development, and he’s not afraid to cover the controversy surrounding this titan.

Dashboard News - Hummer
This car blog follows Hummer and other brands. Read this site to track whether Hummer can survive.

Community Sites

Hummer Forums
This site showcases a boisterous forum community for any Hummer fan to join. They’ve got model specific forums as well as a new member thread to welcome anyone and everyone to this active family.

The Hummer Network
This site may not look like much, but they’ve got some of the best information on the H1 we could find. They also sport a mailing list for each Hummer model to keep you up to date on the vehicle of your choice. If you’re a programmer and a Hummer fan, give these guys a hand. Pretty please?

Hummer X Club
This club is dedicated to Hummer enthusiasts who actually take their H2s off-road. Get involved with a group that’s all about environmental integrity while still enjoying the trail.

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