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Lincoln has been Ford’s luxury line since it was first acquired in 1922. Interestingly, both Lincoln and her most fierce competitor, Cadillac, were founded by Henry Leland, and later purchased by today’s respective owners. Lincoln enjoyed early success with the Town Car, but it would be the Zephyr that took the company into financial stability. Through World War II Lincoln produced tank engines and jeep bodies instead of consumer cars. The company would resume auto manufacturing shortly after, focused on harnessing technological improvements like power steering, tubeless tires, and automatic seats.

Today, Lincoln continues to strive for the front of the domestic luxury pack, integrating technology and innovation at reasonable prices. Since the turn of the century they have been focused on attracting younger buyers, utilizing models like the LS to leverage the modern design that attracts younger generations.

Lincoln Reviews

2015 Lincoln MKC AWD2015 Lincoln MKC AWD
November 11, 2014

With great looks and impressive driving dynamics, the 2015 Lincoln MKC AWD seems poised to make a big splash in the premium utility vehicle market.

2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD2013 Lincoln MKZ
September 24, 2013

The future of Lincoln is bright with the 2013 MKZ luxury sedan, featuring an attention-grabbing design and one of the sharpest interiors we've ever seen.

2011 Lincoln MKX2011 Lincoln MKX
February 2011

The competition in the midsize crossover market is fierce, but the smooth, powerful and safe Lincoln MKX is up to the challenge.

2011 Lincoln MKT2011 Lincoln MKT
January 2011

Lincoln's high-end crossover combines luxury, styling and performance in one sleek and unassuming package.

2011 Lincoln MKS2011 Lincoln MKS
November 2010

With its smooth ride, luxury features and the stellar Ecoboost engine, the new MKS can go toe-to-toe with any car in its class.

Sites worth visiting

The Lincoln home page is a typical retail front for the brand. The site has all of the financing tools and building options you would expect, along with a comprehensive history lesson.

Lincoln at Wikipedia
The Lincoln page at Wikipedia is quite short, offering only a brief history and a look at the use of Lincoln’s as presidential escorts. The site also houses a list of the historical, current, and concept vehicles to come from the Lincoln factory. For a short overview of the brand, this is a great start. To get the rest of the story, dig into the official Lincoln page.

Around the Blogosphere

Lincoln at Autoblog
While Ford has been returning from the bottom of the reliability charts, they continue to struggle to compete with the import market. Our friends at Autoblog keep pace with the industry, updating you on the latest developments and announcements from Lincoln.

Lincoln at Motor Trend
No one should get all their news in one place. The Motor Trend blog might cover many of the same news items as Autoblog, but they write their own features and may show a fresh perspective on the development of Ford’s luxury brand. We like to keep up with both blogs. We think you should give it a shot.

Community Sites

Lincoln Vs. Cadillac
Competitive forums are rare, but that’s part of what makes this one so excellent. The 10,000 members raucously defend the merits of their vehicles against the opposition, and it makes for some good reading. Get over there and get your fists in the ring. Don’t worry, it’s mostly friendly banter. Mostly.

Lincoln Forum
The size of most Lincoln forums is typically limited by the number of Lincoln drivers who are young enough to be computer literate. This site, with nearly 5,000 active members, is a friendly community with plenty of good information. Help grow their numbers, and for god’s sake, someone help them with their site design.

Lincolns of Distinction
This certainly isn’t the largest car forum we’ve seen, but the members are well informed and maintain an active bulletin board. Their 3,000 member base could use some expansion, so get over there and help these guys out. We’re sure you’ll find a few answers and some good company while you’re there.

Recent News

Sharon Stone Sells Her ’61 Continental
As the global fundraising chairman for the American Foundation for Aids Research, Sharon Stone recently organized an auction including her own ’61 Continental. The car pulled $400,000 from an anonymous buyer at the event. Still, one question remains. Why did you make Basic Instinct 2, Sharon?

Goodwin Works With Neil Diamond’s Continental
Jonathan Goodwin has been getting his share of press these days, mostly for turning gas guzzlers into diesel burning green machines. His latest project is the 1959 Lincoln Continental owned by rock legend, Neil Diamond. The new engine will take approximately 45 days to complete. CNN has all of the details.

Alphabet Soup
This quirky article over at Autoblog pokes fun at the naming conventions from Lincoln. The new MKS will join the MKZ and the MKX next year. While plenty of luxury brands use similar nomenclature, as our friends at the blog point out, the letters usually mean something. Can Lincoln say the same? Even their own execs confuse the models.

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