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Food is in. And that's a good thing for all of us because, well, guys like to eat. We like to drink beer and wine too. And more and more, guys are becoming adept in the kitchen. Bullz-Eye's Food & Drink channel features some great content from Mike Farley's Grub For Guys section, a selection of easy and tasty recipes tailored for the typical guy; Mike Barkacs' beer reviews, highlighting the best and worst brews you'll find on your store shelves and favorite watering holes; and Gabe Sasso's wine reviews, for those who prefer grapes to hops. Plus, you'll find interviews, TV series blogs, and reviews of the hottest new food items and kitchen gadgets. Browse our archive along with checking our the newest content from the blog links above and you just might learn more about food and cooking than you ever thought possible.

Our latest food & drink content can be found in the Lifestyle category in our new magazine format. Archived food and drink content can be found by checking out the Food & Drink and Grub for Guys threads on our blog.

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CONTENT and reviews
Grub for GuysGrub for Guys

Treat yourself to some of these recipes for food that guys will love. These are guilty pleasures!

Drink of the WeekDrink of the Week

Check out our weekly feature of cocktail recipes from Bob Westal, including classic drinks every guy should know and new creations. You can find more cocktail recipes in our Drink of the Week archive.

Beer ReviewsBeer Reviews

Mike Barkacs and other writers review beers for Bullz-Eye. Check them out here.

Benessere Wine Reviews
Gabe Sasso has been covering wine for Bullz-Eye for years.
FOOD & DRINK features
Bayou 87 ReviewProduct Review: Joe Horn's Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce

Former Pro Bowle receiver Joe Horn's new BBQ sauce, Bayou 87, is a tasty and affordable substitute to your brand of choice.

How to not screw up your barbecueHow to not screw up your barbecue

The most important part of any good cookout is the menu, but you need to plan ahead. Keep it simple when it comes to the grub, and make sure you buy enough to feed your guests.

The Basics of BeerThe Basics of Beer

Ignore the snobs. When choosing a beer, go with what you feel like drinking. While there is no right or wrong choice, try these general guidelines to help narrow it down.

How to stock your barHow to stock your bar

It takes more than a couple bottles of booze to properly stock your bar for that next big party. Do you have a cocktail shaker? Some swizzle sticks? A muddler? Wait...a muddler?

Five classic drinks every guy should know how to makeFive classic drinks every guy should know how to make
April 14, 2011

Want to keep the party going all night? Anyone can throw together a Jack and Coke, but what about a martini or an old fashioned? Learn how to make a cocktail Don Draper would be proud of.

The Goose Island BuyoutBad Brew: The Goose Island Buyout
April 14, 2011

The Goose Island buyout was more than just a business decision – it was an affront to the values that make craft brewing what it is. And Jeff Morgan says we'll be the ones who suffer.

FOOD interviews

Sandra Lee, Host of Food Network's "Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee" and "Sandra's Money Saving Meals" (11/25/2009)

Gordon Ramsay, Host of "Hell's Kitchen," "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live" (08/07/2009)

Adam Richman, Host of "Man vs. Food" (04/06/2009)

Guy Fieri, Food Network Host, Author of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" (02/20/2009)

Plus interviews with contestants from "The Next Food Network Star":

Debbie Lee (07/28/2009)

Jamika Pessoa (07/20/2009)

Michael Proietti (07/16/2009)

Eddie Gilbert (06/25/2009)

Jen Isham (06/10/2009)


FOOD web guide

The Network's official website

Man vs. Food
Adam Richman's awesome show is proof that the Travel Channel can do food too.

Little did the Food Network realize they would be striking gold with this guy when he auditioned for Season 2 of "The Next Food Network Star."

Pantry Diaries
Here's one that's targeted more to the ladies, but even guys will enjoy this new food blog from Shelly Perry.

GuysGab.com - Food
Our friends at this excellent men's lifestyle blog love trying out foods that guys will love.

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