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Ever watch one of those “World’s Widlest/Craziest/Deadliest Videos” specials and see those races that seem to take place in the middle of the woods with hundreds of spectators just inches away from speeding cars flying through the air? Those are rallies - car races that aren’t just cars going around in circles. These guys race through real-world roads (that sometimes aren’t even paved) and in extreme conditions that can last for hours or even days - so they aren’t for the weak. While rallies are huge in Europe, they’re beginning to catch on in the US, and these sites are for fans on both sides of the pond.

Historic Rally Car Register
While rally racing is just catching on in America, it’s been huge in Europe for decades, so much so that there are entire leagues dedicated to racing classic rally cars. The HRCR hosts races for rally cars from the early 60s to the 80s and like many rally races, the emphasis is on navigation and control rather than outright speed. It’s not for everyone but those who are into it are really into it.

Classic Rallies
A great all-encompassing site for classic rally enthusiasts, this site has an event calendar, pictures of recent events, and a store where you can buy rally car memorabilia. They also have their own classified section for those of you looking for your own classic rally car.

Rally Guide
This simple-looking site hides a wealth of information concerning past and future rally events across Europe. Pictures and videos from various races over the years are available for viewing and a calendar detailing upcoming rally events is also on the site. There isn’t a lot of information on rally racing though, so if you aren’t already well-versed in the sport this site might be a little confusing.

NASA Rally Sport
No, not that NASA, this is the National Auto Sport Association and they are dedicated to growing the interest of stage rallying in the US. This sanctioning body hosts races across the country and their site has information on upcoming races, the latest news in the rally scene and even has information on how to get your own racing license.

Rally America
Many British rally enthusiasts see rally races as a dignified competition where successful navigation and proper following of the rules and regulations mean more than flat out speed. Very British of them, very boring too. This site is dedicated to the muddy, high-flying, high-octane rally circuit in America with constantly updated news and a schedule of upcoming events.

The WRC’s homepage is a slick site full of information and news on the latest rally races in the WRC circuit, and that’s a lot of information, since the WRC races in over a dozen countries every year. For the die-hard rally fan there’s the WRC+ site, a premium site with tons of exclusive content such as driver interviews and live coverage of rally events.

Rally Classifieds
Getting involved in rally racing can be expensive and confusing. This is a great site for deals on all kinds of rally gear, from driving gear and computers to the actual cars themselves. Because of the international fanbase the sport has, this site wisely breaks up the classifieds by continent.

How To Start A Rally Race
There are some thing that don’t require a how-to guide, not because they are incredibly easy, but because anyone asking how to do it obviously doesn’t have the skill or knowledge to do it (which is why you don’t see Nuclear Reactors For Dummies books at Barnes & Nobles). That hasn’t stopped this well-meaning individual from trying to help however. If you really want to start your own rally race and don’t know how this is probably the only place you’ll get some good info.

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