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For years now, hydrogen powered vehicles have been lauded as the way of the future. Hydrogen, as a fuel source, can be harnessed in very clean and fairly efficient situations. The major setback to hydrogen fuel, however, is obtaining the hydrogen. Current processes for acquiring hydrogen actually require more energy and produce more harmful emissions than combustion engines, a serious flaw that has many environmentalists balking at the idea altogether.

Like many green technologies, though, hydrogen and fuel cell technology is still in its infancy, particularly on the consumer level. As of April, 2007, there were only 200 recorded hydrogen vehicles in the United States. Until we see a significant increase in storage capacity, a drop in the cost of fuel cell technology, and cheaper methods for extracting hydrogen, we’re unlikely to see that number increase. Many researchers argue that the biggest setback to the hydrogen infrastructure is modeling it after the existing petroleum system instead of developing a new system.

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