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In 1966, Chevy needed a car that could compete directly in the booming American muscle market with the Ford Mustang. In September of that same year, Chevrolet unveiled the Camaro, waving goodbye to the rear-engine Corvair and ushering in a new battleground for the American auto giants. What merged was a battle of the "pony cars."

2002 saw the Camaro pulled from production, due to declining sales and a withering customer base. There was wailing, there was gnashing of teeth, there were…rumors of a new resuscitation? Damn right – Chevy once again decided to answer the modern-retro appeal of the new Mustang with the 5th generation Camaro. It’s gloves-off between Ford and Chevrolet. May the best pony win!

The new 2010 Camaro is now out, and it's getting great reviews and an enthusiastic reaction from car buyers despite a horrible car market.

Camaro Reviews

The New Camaro ZL1The New Camaro ZL1
November 15, 2011

Bullz-Eye is in LA for the Auto Show and we already got some great shots of the incredible Camaro ZL1 convertible.

2011 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT Coupe2011 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT Coupe
December 2010

The Camaro used to be an automotive icon. As this reborn Camaro 2LT Coupe proves, those glory days are back again.

Sites worth visiting

Camaro Concept
Technically, the new Camaro is still a concept car, even though it’s been officially approved for production. This is the official homepage of the concept, offering some highly stylized galleries, features charts, and an interview with one of the new Camaro designers. Get the story behind the car.

Generations of Camaro
Head over to Edmunds.com for this feature article on the Camaro generations. The article gives an in-depth breakdown of the history behind the bowtie pony car. It’s like watching your baby grow up all over again.

Camaro at Wikipedia
Wikipedia pays some very abbreviated homage to our beloved Camaro. Still, it’s a good spot for the quick and dirty history of this American classic. Don’t miss the “Origin” section about naming and advertising this beauty.

Around the Blogosphere

These guys are following anything and everything related to the 5th generation Camaro. They even have their own forums to back up the blog. This is a great place for Camaro-only news.

5th Gen Camaro
Looks like Joe at 5thgencamaro.com is just getting started, but he’s keeping us current with what little Camaro info is out there. Expect this site to keep growing as we see more and more production models out on the road for testing.

Dashboard News - Camaro
The Camaro nameplate is still iconic in America, so expect plenty of coverage of the new Camaro from this car blog.

Community Sites

This site has it all: forums, a chat room, videos, pics, feature articles, and more. Post your ride and get some feedback, or learn how to tweak for just a few more horses. If you can’t get your Camaro fix here, you probably need to find a support group.

Camaro Forums
Active forum communities are such a boon, giving us access to the insight and expertise of thousands of like-minded enthusiasts. Check out this page for one of the best Camaro boards out there.

American Camaro Organization
The American Camaro Organization is all about keeping local clubs alive and growing. With club lists for virtually anywhere in the country and their own forums, this is a great place to connect up with the motorists in your area.

Recent News

Camaro Gets the Green Light
The official release of the 2009 Camaro is some of the best news from GM in a long time. Cancel your Mustang GT preorder, the new Camaro is on her way.

Production Camaro is True to Form
Most anyone keeping up-to-date on the new Camaro has heard concerns that the production model can’t maintain the design of the concept. The GM vice-chairman, Bob Lutz, had a chance to drive the new machine, and says it looks just as great.

Camaro Mule Caught in US
Recent spy shots confirm a Camaro mule is being used for testing on US soil. The car purportedly has the same wheelbase as the upcoming pony, though we don’t yet know what sort of engine it sports.

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