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How to choose a cigarHow to choose a cigar

Choosing the right cigar requires you to engage virtually all of your senses, and while everyone's tastes are different, there are several factors to keep in mind when deciding.

Cigar Reviews by Bob Hritsko

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La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro EspecialeLa Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale
December 28, 2011

Bob revels in the delight of the beautiful and full flavored La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale.

Tatuaje Havana VITatuaje Havana VI
July 21, 2011

Life pretty hectic these days? Bob suggests slowing down to enjoy a good cigar like the flavorful Tatuaje Havana VI.

Nat Sherman cigarsNat Sherman cigars
March 24, 2011

Any cigar lover who finds himself in New York City needs to stop at the Nat Sherman store, a tobacco retail shop full of history and great smokes, like the Westside 711 Gotham and the VIP Carnegie.

Cigar Web Guide
A site devoted to all epicurean delights: eating, drinking, smoking and, of course, women. With news, polls, jokes, merchandise and their Smokin' Babes, is all about having fun and enjoying life to the fullest.

Cigar Aficionado
The online version of the print magazine for the serious cigar smoker. Contains extremely comprehensive and reliable cigar ratings. Also contains celebrity profiles, timely articles (e.g., A Guide to Smoking in Major League Ballparks) and a listing of cigar and cigar-accessory retailers. 

The Cigar Smoker's FAQ
Not fancy but a great quick reference for everything you need to know about cigars. If you have a question about cigars, you'll likely find the answer here. Easy to follow question-and-answer format allows quick access to answers. Very thorough compilation. Also contains links to sources and information. Don't expect a lot of fluff and don't worry, they won't bore you with a lot of questions about tongue and throat cancer.
This site is a little cumbersome but it has some redeeming features. Its best feature is its cigar listings/reviews. It also lists upcoming cigar industry events and has a cigar-friendly directory of resorts, restaurants and lounges (e.g., The Cuesta-Rey Cigar Bar at Tropicana Field in St. Pete, Florida). Its Ask Dr. Smoke column answers frequently asked questions about cigars, including such topics as the best way to store cigars and how to revive a cigar gone bad. 

Smoke Magazine
Another online magazine, but this is geared toward the younger, hipper crowd as opposed to the Cigar Aficionado, which is geared toward the more seasoned cigar smoker.
Your one-stop shop for all your cigar-related needs. This site allows you to purchase not only cigars and cigar-related accessories, but also cigar art prints and cigar-related books (through You can also track stocks of, and read stories relating to, publicly traded cigar companies.