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Making sure you have a car that runs properly is like having a girlfriend that'll let you do that one thing she doesn't like unless she's really drunk; you have to treat it right to get what you want out of it. If you know how to fix your car but need the right parts, you'll find some good sites in this guide that offer all kinds of car parts and accessories. And if you don't know the different between your car's exhaust and your own there's help for you too. 

Parts Stores
This is an easy-to-navigate site that carries a wide variety of parts. You start your search by part category (engine, electrical, etc.,) and continue to narrow it down by specific part, make and model and so on. They carry parts for all kinds of cars going back to the 60s. 

J.C. Whitney partner site, JC Whitney carries parts and equipment for cars, jeeps, trucks, SUVs, motor homes and even ATVs. In addition to items you might need for car maintenance you can also find stuff like visors, car organizers and car covers. 

Parts Train
It's not as pretty as, but if you are looking for some really hard-to-find or unusual parts for your car. They have a huge selection of parts for cars as far back as the 1950s, which includes seat belts, valve covers and a huge multitude of engine parts. 

Hybrid Car Parts
The hippies may love their hybrid automobiles, but finding parts for them isn't always easy. This page at gives you some valuable links to where you may be able to pick up parts for various Hybrid vehicles out there – saving you money for your hemp clothes and Phish CDs. 

NAPA Online
If you're weary about shopping online then check out NAPA's homepage, where you can buy online or find out what they have in stock at your local NAPA store. They selection isn't as in-depth as a lot of specialty online-only stores though. 

Classic Car Parts Giant
Most classic car part sites have a great selection but look like they were designed with an AOL homepage maker circa 1997. This one has a great selection and actually looks like a professionally maintained page. 

Parts and Maintenance Advice 

Save Money On Auto Parts
Four simple tips on buying auto parts. This article will take you 20 seconds to read but could save you thousands. 

Simple Car Maintenance
This nice article explains some basic things that even the most car-illiterate person in the world can do to help make their car run smoothly and consistently. 

Yahoo! Autos
Yahoo has a surprisingly in-depth database on car repairs and maintenance. If your knowledge on cars is above-average but still lacking then you'll probably learn a lot here. 

Car Bibles
And now, open your book to Transmission 25:19, and we shall discuss sequential gearboxes.  Calling your page a home to “car bibles” may seem sort of pretentious, but Chris Longhurst isn't pulling your leg. His page is really a resource of car part information of biblical proportions. In-depth, illustrated pages on transmissions, engines and other part parts should help even the most brain-dead car novice wrap his brain around simple car part ideas. 

Edmunds Car Maintenance
Edmunds is one of the best resources for car information on the intent, and their page on maintenance is no exception. Here you'll find great articles on everything from finding out about recall notices to simple car repair tips. They even have a nice article about keeping your car clean and free of clutter. 

Simple Car Tips
You should change your oil every 3,000 miles. You know that? Well, then when was the last time you had your oil changed? I thought so. Simple things like that help ensure that your car won't break down in the middle of nowhere (or worse, in Detroit) and this nice article is full of small suggestions like that which could save you from unnecessary frustration later on. 

How To Find A Mechanic
Not all of us are grease monkey gearheads who can pop the hood of a car and find out exactly what is wrong with it in a moment's notice. Some of us pop the hood of our car and can't tell the different between the engine and the fan-belt. For those of us who are mechanically deficient and need to fix our car the new-fashioned-way, by taking it to someone else, there's this handy guide on how to find an honest car mechanic and not some shyster who was on 60 Minutes.

News & Notes

Tips for Shopping at Junkyards for Used Auto Parts
By purchasing used auto parts at your local junkyard, you will not only save up to 95% on the cost of the part, but you are also helping to recycle.

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