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Below you’ll find our Beer content archive along with our Beer web guide and Beer reviews archive. It may not be the nectar of the Gods, but a tall cold one tastes really good, especially on a hot day. We've got you covered with plenty of reviews and our Beer Web Guide that lists sites with brewpub, brewery and tavern locators, beer news, beer stories, beer columns, beer talk, beer travels, beer that goes with food, beer…well, you get the idea. Don't forget to be responsible when out at your local bar enjoying a beer. A DUI is a very serious crime and needs to be handled by an experienced law firm. Columbus DUI lawyer is a firm that has the experience needed to insure you a fair day in court.

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Beer Features

The Basics of BeerThe Basics of Beer

Ignore the snobs. When choosing a beer, go with what you feel like drinking. While there is no right or wrong choice, try these general guidelines to help narrow it down.

The Goose Island BuyoutBad Brew: The Goose Island Buyout

The Goose Island buyout was more than just a business decision – it was an affront to the values that make craft brewing what it is. And Jeff Morgan says we'll be the ones who suffer.

Beer Reviews by Mike Barkacs

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Deviant Dale's IPADeviant Dale's IPA: Break out the hot wings
December 27, 2012

Mike suggests pairing Deviant Dale's IPA, one of the best hoppy beers around, with the hottest wings you can find.

Great Lakes OktoberfestGreat Lakes Oktoberfest: A true signature beer
September 19, 2012

With its complex flavor and medium body, Great Lakes Oktoberfest may just be the best marzen style beer available.

Petrus Aged PaleWatching the grass grow with Petrus Aged Pale
August 30, 2012

With sour ales becoming more popular, Mike tries the Petrus Aged Pale and finds himself a great deck beer.

Beer Web Guide
Check out, a new site selling everything drinking related, from six man beer bongs to shot glasses made from ice. They also have a ton of free online drinking tools to check your B.A.C. level and more.

Brian's Belly
Great beer site because it sets just that right tone. Crack open a beer and have some fun!

All About Beer
Online version of All About Beer Magazine. Comprehensive and useful. 

The Real Beer Page
Billed as the largest repository of beer information in the world. 

Strictly a brewpub, brewery and beer bar locator (more than 3,676 listings and 16,096 reviews). Just type in the city of your choice and PubCrawler will generate a list of places for you to visit. You can also read viewer reviews. 

Beer Expedition
Another brewpub locator. It's slogan says it all: "A good beer is not hard to find, you just have to know where to look." 

Beer Across America
A beer of the month club. For $16.95 per month, a 12-pack of beer arrives at your doorstep. If you want to go through life fat, drunk and stupid, this is a good place to start. 

Innovative Brewing Technologies
For all you wannabes, this site professes to show you how to start up, own and operate your own brewpub. All you have to do is order the handy "how to" manuals for only $109 (or you can make three easy payments…). If you like this site, you'll probably find the Beer Across America site useful.

Reddit - Beer
Get great beer stories and news reports updated by users on a daily basis from this great community site.

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