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Subaru began in the 1940’s with a simple rabbit scooter as the backbone of the company. Japanese law after World War II dissolved the company. Just a few years later the company reformed under Fuji Heavy Industries and adopted the Subaru logo, symbolic of the six Fuji companies to which Subaru now belonged. Over the next 50 years, Subaru became world-famous for pioneering technologies to enhance automobile performance and endurance. Several manufacturers took interest, including Nissan, who purchased sizable stake, which would later become the 20% interest of GM. Today, Toyota has entered contract with Subaru to purchase nearly 9% of the company and requiring GM to dissolve its own stake.

Subaru is most popular among young consumers for the Impreza WRX: a turbocharged, AWD vehicle that has seen huge success in world rally circuits. The Subaru Outback first gained its continuing popularity with an ad campaign starring Paul Hogan. The company is still renowned for creating high endurance vehicles, and shipping their models with standard all wheel drive.

Sites worth visiting

It’s a little surprising that Subaru’s official page isn’t packed with rally photos or shots of the Outback crossing some rugged terrain. The best you’ll get is a shot of the Subaru line up in the mountains somewhere, a much more domestic image than the rustic past they have portrayed. The best part of the site is the unique WRX hub where performance enthusiasts can take a close look at the 2008 WRX and STI Imprezas.

Subaru on Wikipedia
The Subaru page at Wikipedia takes a brief look at the cluttered history of the manufacturer. Their article focuses mainly own the passing ownership and affiliations of the company, with a short look at Subaru’s racing success.

Subaru World Rally Team
It’s hard to mention Subaru with saying ‘Rally’ in the same breath. The official Subaru factory team site has loads of fan goodies to sate your rally appetite. From news stories and special features to pictures and video, you can track the Subaru team around the world from the comfort of your computer.

Around the Blogosphere

Subaru at Autoblog
Honestly, did you expect anyone else on top? Autoblog is simply the best in the automotive blogging world, and they certainly do Subaru justice. If you have to be on top of the latest news stories as soon as they’re out, this is the spot for you. These guys love Subaru just as much as we all do, so you can bet they won’t let you down.

Scooby Blog
This guy has a clean design, despite some annoying ad placement. He’s definitely a rally fan, and keeps pace with the top Subaru drivers for updates and forecasts. The thing we love most? He posts regularly. That’s what a good car blog is all about.

All Wheel Drive Auto
This informative little blog is run by a Subaru service and repair shop in Washington. This site is definitely not for the die hard, blue blood Subaru fan. Instead, the blog posts are focused on getting people into Subaru culture and helping beginners understand what owning a Subaru is all about. If you need to brush up on your Subaru basics, this is the perfect spot for you.

Community Sites

Ultimate Subaru
This fan site focuses on everything Subaru, not just the rallies or Impreza tuning (though you’ll still get plenty of both). It’s a great site for your regular Subaru fans to connect up with other enthusiasts without getting trashed by the gearheads. They have a solid, active forum base with more than 20,000 registered members.

North American Subaru Impreza Owner’s Club
The Subaru Impreza community is obviously active and rambunctious, attributes to which this site is a monument. Their forum population is well over the 100,000 marker, meaning you better get started if you plan to catch up on the major threads. The page is also full of member bios, pictures, and just about as much tuning info as you can handle, with a little Subaru news on the side.

Subaru Outback
As easy as it is to find Impreza forums, it can be tough to get to the other great models made by Subaru. We thought we’d show the Outback fans out there a little love with this site. The forums are pretty active for one of the less celebrated models among today’s young market. Forum goers are helpful, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable, making this a great home for any Outback fan.

Recent News

Subaru Does More Than Cut Vehicle Emissions
When the world has its eyes set on how hybrid cars can reduce toxic emissions, it’s nice to see a company that focuses on their production process behind the scenes. Not many people pay attention to the environmental efforts of the automakers producing the hybrids we drive, but Edmunds has a nice write up on one of the greenest manufacturers around.

2009 Forrester: Subaru’s Worst Kept Secret
Subaru hasn’t done the best job keeping the lid on the latest iteration of the Subaru Forrester, but now that it’s finally official, why not talk about it? The new Forrester is looking less like a boxy Outback these days and more like its own line of vehicle. It’s about time.

WRX STi vs. Evo GSR
We’ve got this link up on our Mitsubishi page, but it’s just too good to not mention again. Motor Trend did a comparison between the all-new Mitsubishi Evolution GSR and our favorite WRX, the STi. You’ll have to head to Motor Trend to catch the winner of this battle of brutes.

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