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Sometimes the best things come from a passion for creation, the love of a craft. Rolls-Royce was born because of something Frederick Henry Royce couldn’t stand: a poorly made vehicle. Royce, an English engineer, had his own engineering firm when he bought his first car in 1903. He was so dissatisfied with the car that he built his own, and two others, over the course of the next year. Through a friend of a friend, Royce was introduced to Charles Rolls, who saw the quality of Royce’s originals and picked up the exclusive rights to sell everything Royce could produce.

The two went on to create one of the most renowned brands in the world, and not just of automobiles. Royce’s engineering carried over into aeronautics to become one of the premier names in World War II allied aircraft. For 60 years the company remained independent, but the 1970’s forced the aircraft and automotive divisions of Rolls-Royce to part ways, purchased by separate entities. In 1998, Volkswagen picked up the rights to produce Rolls-Royce vehicles, which they would later sell to BMW. In 2003, BMW delivered all-new Phantom.

Sites worth visiting

The Rolls-Royce homepage opens with a video detailing the Roller experience. We get to watch a Phantom Drophead Coupe cruise shoreline roads and winding paths to a winery. The video showcases everything that makes a Rolls-Royce unique, from the attention to the smallest details to the massive power beneath every hood. The page also offers a nice history and a look at the models Rolls-Royce currently produces.

Rolls-Royce at Wikipedia
The Rolls-Royce page at Wikipedia is really a portal to the articles concerning the three Rolls eras: Rolls-Royce Limited, Rolls-Royce Motors, and the Rolls of today, Rolls Royce Motorcars. Each individual page showcases the achievements of the brand during the time period, with some excellent shots of this classic, high-class car.

Around the Blogosphere

Rolls-Royce at Autoblog
While a new Rolls may be outside the price range of virtually everyone you know, it’s nice to know this iconic manufacturer is alive and doing well. The guys at Autoblog will keep you up to date on the latest developments of one of the most exclusive brands in the world, and for now, all the news looks good.

Rolls-Royce at Automobile Mag
This site may not have much, but frankly, there’s not much to report when it comes to Rolls. The exclusive company keeps most of its news, well, exclusive. Still, you can check back here from time to time for major developments from Rolls-Royce.

Community Sites

Rolls-Royce Owner’s Club
For the folks out there lucky enough to own a Rolls-Royce, this is a great site dedicated to preserving that gorgeous piece of machinery. For the rest of us, it’s a decent spot to catch up on the history of the marque and explore what it might be like to get behind the wheel of a 5,500lb monster.

Rolls-Royce Forums from Topix
To be honest, this forum is more like a trickle than the stream of information you’d expect, but it’s better than nothing. As people post concerning their Rolls from time to time you can check it out here. If you’re really looking for a Rolls community, we’d recommend the Rolls-Royce Owner’s Club above.

Recent News

Royce Is On A Roll
Rolls-Royce is reporting record sales and record growth for the 2007 year. In Australia, particularly, sales of the super-exclusive brand went up a whopping 42%. Australia remains the third largest market for Rolls in the Asia Pacific, behind China and Japan.

Rolls-Royce Tungsten
If you want to get even more exclusive than your typical Bespoke Rolls, try and get your hands on the Rolls-Royce Phantom Tungsten. The official price of the car hasn’t been released, but we’re fairly sure this one’s marketed to folks who know they can afford it.

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