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For some people a car truly isn’t a car until they’ve spent a few thousand dollars on it to make it run smoother, go faster and look prettier. These people are called tuners, and they just aren’t happy until they’ve modified everything on their car from the engine and exhaust to the hubcaps and the steering wheel. The tuner scene has exploded recently, so there are countless sites out there dedicated to it. Here are some of the best.

Import Tuner
Tuners are almost always imports and this site has more info for import cars and tuning options for them then you could possibly imagine. There are dozens of great feature articles covering specific cars such as Honda Civic and Nissan Skyline, as well as detailed tech articles and some pictorials of hot models – which doesn’t have much to do with car tuning but who cares?

Great blog covering factory tuners, high-performance autos and exotic cars. Look for great photography and daily updates.

Asian imports always seem to dominate the tuner scene, but Eurotuner wants you to know that there are some great European cars out there and their articles on heavily-modded BMWs and Volkswagens prove it. This site has everything an Asian car-based tuner site has, from blogs to pictures and message boards, just with a Eurocentric theme.

Super Street Online
With feature articles on everything from the latest import car making waves in the scene to the best cooling equipment for your car this site has a wealth of information that could keep the hardcore tuning enthusiast enthralled for hours. There are also regularly updated blogs at the site, and a forum that people actually post in, something many tuner sites are lacking. They have pictures of hot girls too, in case you were wondering.

Formula D
When street racers and import tuners decide to go pro they go here. Formula D is the most well-known drift-racing league in the states and is the only one that gets regular coverage on television. Their site offers constant updates for fans of the circuit and also gives you the opportunity to buy tickets to upcoming events and much more.

Street Fury
G4 is “TV for gamers” right? I don’t know many gamers that have $60,000 heavily-modified import cars, but some of them must, because G4 is the home of Street Fury, one of the only shows dedicated to street racing and car tuning. Visit this site to find out when the next episode will be on and chat with fans of the show. They also have a wide selection of feature articles, downloadable podcasts and some great galleries.

Christian Science Monitor Takes On Tuning
How mainstream has the tuner culture gotten? So mainstream that it’s getting covered in the Christian Science Monitor. This article may a couple of years old, but it’s still offers some interesting insights into the tuner culture and offers up some extreme examples of tricked-out autos from across the country.

Need For Speed Carbon
The image-conscious tuner car culture is one that has proved itself ideal for recreation in video games. EA’s long-running Need For Speed series has recently embraced the tuner scene with Need For Speed Carbon, and the official webpage of the hit game has an active forum, great wallpaper pics and much more.

Tuning Linx
It’s kind of ugly and unorganized, but the amount of information and entertainment that can be mined from Tuning Linx is nearly endless. Hundreds of hot pictures of cars and babes, hilarious and exciting videos and the latest news from around the world can all be found here.

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