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If you want to show people that you’ve really “made it” you need three things: a huge house, a trophy wife and a luxury car. You’re on your own for the first two, but we can give you a little bit of help when it comes to the last one. There are countless makes and models of luxury cars out there and it’s impossible to separate the high-end machines from the flashy trash on your own, but these sites should help.

Luxury Car Information

MSN Luxury Car Research Center
MSN’s Luxury Car Research Center is a great resource for people looking to buy a luxury car but don’t know where to begin. They have well-written articles on what separates an entry-level luxury vehicle from a high-priced one, as well as a message board where you can talk with other luxury car enthusiasts.

Forbes Autos
Forbes is the magazine for rich bastards (and wannabe rich bastards) so it only makes sense that their auto section would cover a wide variety of high-end luxury automobiles. Their car reviews and articles should be a great guide for the high-powered executive with money to burn and an inferiority complex.

Motortrend Luxury Cars
Motortrend is one of the most trusted names when it comes to car news and reviews, so you have to check out their site if you want as much information as possible about the car of your dreams. If you’re not a real gearhead you might be a little confused about some of the information you find here, but you won’t find a more comprehensive source of luxury car information on the internet.

Luxury Smash
The blog is in Spanish, but you don’t need to habla Espanol to enjoy this article, which features video after video of high-end luxury automobiles getting hammered all in the name of safety. These slow-motion crash-test videos might make a high-end autophile scream in pain, but if you enjoy watching pretty things get smashed to bits then these clips are must-see.

Virtual Luxury Cars

Second Life Mercedes Benz
Don’t let the fact that its not really reality fool you. Second Life is huge. Why anyone would want a car in Second Life is kind of confusing (since you can fly) but if you spend most of your time in that virtual paradise now you can get a Mercedes Benz to in your virtual garage, as the Mercedes company has just launched a presence in the virtual world.

Test Drive Unlimited
Most car-racing games focus on professional racing cars or high-modified sports cars. If your tastes are a little more refined when it comes to automobiles then you might want to check out the latest game in the Test Drive series, Test Drive Unlimited. Now you can race Aston Martins, Jaguars and even Lotus cars from the comfort of your living room.

Luxury Car Lists and Blogs

Top 10 $100,000 Cars
If you’re going to buy an impractical overpriced gas-guzzling beast then you might as well go all out right? This list from counts down the 10 best luxury cars that cost over $100,000. This is a good resource to check out before buying a car that probably cost more than your first house.

Top 10 Stolen Luxury Cars
One of the downsides of buying a luxury automobile is that most of them are high-profile targets for nefarious car thieves. Find out if the luxury car you’re eyeing is also being eyed by that shady guy in the alley with the crowbar by checking out this article from Forbes Magazine which lists the most stolen luxury vehicles on the market. If it is make sure you have good insurance…and lock your doors.

Gentlemen of Today - Luxury Cars
This luxury blog covers all sorts of the finer things, including beautiful luxury cars.

Luxury Cars on a Budget

Luxury under $30K
Is it a luxury car if it costs less than a well-equipped SUV? I guess so. If you want to ride in luxury but don’t have the budget for a high-priced BMW or Bentley then you might want to consider one of the cars on this list, all of which go for under $30,000.

Most Reliable Luxury Cars
Some luxury cars look like a dream on wheels but their reliability and durability quickly turn them into nightmare in a mechanic’s garage. This article lists some of the most reliable luxury cars on the market today, because looks are not everything.

Luxury Car Brands

Aston Martin
Land Rover

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