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Speakers are arguably the most important part of an audio setup. You can have a bunch of high-priced components, but unless you have a nice set of speakers to process the signal, it isn’t going to sound very good. Speakers are also notoriously difficult to research as there is no audio component that is more subjectively judged. Each speaker will sound differently to each ear, so the most important thing is to find speakers that sound good to you.

If possible, it’s best to arrange for a test run in your home. Most people don’t have this option, so they are forced to listen to the speakers at their local store. If that’s the case, it’s best to bring your own music to play.

Once you find a set of speakers that you like, don’t be afraid to spend a little more than your budget to buy them. A nice set of speakers can last a lifetime. The latest trends mostly involve wireless speakers.

With music streaming and wireless technology, there's a ton of innovation in the speaker market.

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This site has tons of equipment reviews, including speakers.

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How to buy speakers: A beginner’s guide to home audio
The right set of speakers, if properly taken care of, will last significantly longer than your car. The key to sonic bliss is to empower yourself with knowledge, do a little research, and spend some time test driving before pulling the trigger.

Choosing the Best Wireless and Bluetooth Speaker
Wireless and Bluetooth speakers offer a simple cable-free connection that's convenient but doesn't sacrifice top-quality sound. Finding just the right model is largely a matter of understanding your own needs.

4 Things to Listen for When Choosing the Best Sounding Speaker
Hearing is subjective, meaning not everyone perceives sound from a speaker the same way. What sounds slightly shrill or bright to one person may be revealing and airy to another, so there is always going to be room for debate over what sounds best. When choosing a speaker, sound quality is ranked among appearance, size, budget, room dimensions and other factors in the showdown for a spot in your listening room, so it’s not always as simple as what sounds best.

This site has tons of equipment reviews, including speakers.


Orb Audio reviewOrb Audio review
March 18, 2011

You can't possibly buy a quality speaker set for a mere $1100, right? Jeff Morgan was blown away by the fidelity behind Orb Audio's versatile, and surprisingly stylish, little speakers.

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