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High-Definition Television is the greatest thing to happen to the format since the first color set debuted in 1953. HDTV contains more than twice the information as a standard analog signal and that translates to more detail, more realistic colors and an overall better picture.

Now that a majority of the major networks’ prime time programming and just about every major sporting event are broadcast in HD, it’s a great time to start thinking about buying a set. The sets are becoming much cheaper, but deciding which one to buy is still a big decision.

Here are a few articles and sites that should help you get started. You should also consult the gadget blogs we have listed in our guide for the latest information on new models and trends in this area.


HDTV: Is it worth it?
The Bullz-Eye HDTV article provides a good introduction to the format.

How to choose the right HDTV television
THis is a very comprehensive guide to the process.

How to shop for an HDTV
This article from Forbes provides a nice primer and some helpful tips on how to go about shopping.

Ten tips on buying a high-definition television
More tips from MSNBC.

HDTV In Plain English
This article gives a great overview of how HDTV differs from analog. It’s a couple of years old, but is still accurate today.

Want to know the difference between the different TV formats? Best Buy’s website offers a nice overview of each technology:





Is rear projection dead?

Not quite. For those looking for a traditional set, the rear projection models are a good, lower-cost option, that will buy you time as the cost of the sleeker, flat-panel models continue to come down in price. This is not your father’s rear projection. Today’s models are WAY thinner than their ancestors, and the picture (especially HDTV) is bright and vibrant. Their only downfall is the amount of space they take up and the requirement of some sort of stand (if the stand is not already a part of the TV). One key for these sets is to be sure they have a non-reflective coating on the screen. I've seen a few in stores where the picture is barely visible because of all the lights reflecting off the screen.

Web Guide

All sorts of articles about the technology, helping consumers to understand HDTV, choose a monitor and optimize their experience. The site also has lots of reviews.

If you want to get your HDTV content OTA (over-the-air), this website will tell you what kind of antenna you need and what direction it needs to face based on your zip code.

This site will tell you what HD options are available in your area. Just type in your zip code and go.

Tracks what sporting events will be broadcast in HD over the next 14 days.

HDTV Magazine Blog
This site features regular articles about HDTV.

Interested in a front or rear projection system? Projector Central has everything you need to get started.

Wondering if that TV you’re thinking about is a good one? This is a great site for discussion about all things A/V.

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