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Satellite radio offered a significant step forward in the first decade of the century, giving consumers an amazing selection of options regarding music, news, sports and more. It was quite a luxury at the time to have hundreds of stations at your fingertips, offering up niche channels to satisfy may of your interests. The rivalry between Sirius and XM drove innovation until the two companies finally merged.

Now with streaming and smartphones that sync to your car radio, satellite radio has much more competition for our listening habits. Imagine how many people listen to podcasts now in their cars as opposed to stellite radio.

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SiriusXM Satellite Radio
This is the main player.

The Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame: SiriusXM Satellite Radio System
The first satellite-radio subscription service tried to fix all the problems of terrestrial commercial radio.

What do I need to get satellite radio?
There are several options when it comes to choosing your satellite radio. What you need depends most on where you're primarily going to listen to it. You should take radio design and sound quality into consideration as well. Currently, satellite radios can be divided into three categories: dedicated, Dock & Play, and Internet-based.

Beyond radio: All the ways to get satellite, streaming music and more in your car
If you haven’t bought a new car in ages, you might not be aware your in-car audio options these days extend far beyond AM/FM, CDs and MP3s.

21 Best SiriusXM Radio Channels
What are your favorite stations?

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