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Shopping for the best wireless calling plan can be a very confusing process. There are so many plans and phones available that the sheer number of available options can make a lot of consumers just throw their hands up in the air and grab the first plan and phone they see. But with number portability, the competition between the providers has never been higher, and with a little patience and research you can get the best plan and phone for your needs.

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How to break up with your iPhoneHow to break up with your iPhone

It's finally time to dump that iPhone, but how can you make your breakup stick? Jeff Morgan offers five easy steps to help you kick your iPhone to the curb and move on to something better.

Review of the HTC Inspire 4GReview of the HTC Inspire 4G

Is the HTC Inspire any good? Jeff Morgan says its the first phone to make him seriously consider dropping his iPhone, permanently. Check out the full review.

Unconscious Consumption: Why do Americans pay more for less?Unconscious Consumption: Why do Americans pay more for less?

American consumers consistently overpay for underwhelming service. From broadband to mobile, Jeff Morgan reminds us what we're paying for and how we're getting shortchanged.

Verizon's iPhoneVerizon's iPhone: One carrier to rule them all

After years of speculation, the iPhone finally lands on the Verizon network. But will Verizon really trump AT&T? Jeff Morgan looks at what iPhone customers can expect going forward.

PowerPak MobileGet your PowerPak for mobile power

The PowerPak comes with extensions for every conceivable mobile device, so you’ll likely be in a position to bail out your friends as well.

This site is dedicated to mobile phone and calling plan purchases. You can pick a plan then a phone, or vice versa.
Similar to, checking this site will ensure you are getting the best deal on your mobile phone and calling plan.
This site is another rate plan/phone finder, with a rate plan matrix and a specialized phone search. To help you decide on a phone, you have access to user reviews.
Once you’ve found a plan that suits your needs, CNET is a great place to find professional and amateur reviews of many different mobile phones. Some of the phones even have a video reviews by the CNET editors.
This site has news, forums and loads of cell phone reviews.

Gadget Teaser - Mobile
This gadget blog covers all things mobile along with other gadget categories as well.
This site is set up in traditional blog format, focusing on news, but it also has its own phone finder and forums.
This is another mobile phone blog, with handset, accessory and software reviews.

Linked and Loaded - Mobile
This blog covers new media trends including developments in the mobile market.

Consumer Cellular
Mobile phone companies are finding all sorts of ways to bill you these days. A mobile phone contract is a virtual cash cow for the large carriers. Now we're seeing competition from upstarts like this company where you can find low rates without signing a long-term contract.

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