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Google Maps Navigation comes to Android 1.6

One of the most exciting parts of the Motorola Droid launch was the inclusion of Google Maps Navigation, a free turn-by-turn GPS system from Google. At first the feature was only compatible with phones running Android 2.0, which is only the Droid. Today Google announced that it would be moving the nav system down to Android 1.6, opening up the service to phones like the MyTouch 3G and G1.

I'd call this a big win for Android users. Until this update the hope was that some enterprising developer would hack the thing down to 1.6. This still leaves out the Motorola CLIQ and , but hey, it's better than the original situation. The 1.6 release also adds layers, allowing you to overlay information on the map, like Wikipedia articles on local points of interest and public transit lines. The one thing 1.6 is missing is the "navigate to" voice command, so you'll have to enter everything by hand. Life's tough, isn't it?

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UPDATE: Garmin 310XT Now Available

A couple months ago we ran a feature on the Garmin 310XT - a super duper all-in-wonder fitness watch that was as of yet unavailable. Rejoice you masochistic types - Jeff from dropped by to let us know that the watch is .

You can check our post on the watch at . Here's what Running Centers has to say:

Thanks for the update, Jeff.

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Charging Gadgets Is A Walk In The Park

You're going green, trying to reduce your energy footprint, but that damn iPhone of yours keeps dying. Tremont Electric has your solution.

Called the nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator), Tremont's newest device harnesses kinetic energy to generate electricity and power your devices. According to the company, the PEG is capable of charging an average device up to 80% capacity in just an hour of average movement, like walking. Because the PEG comes equipped with a USB 2.0 jack, it's compatible with just about every device on the market.

I've seen this type of thing before, usually in the style of a belt worn around your hips for maximum shaking on impact. The PEG, though, doesn't need to be worn. Trow it in a backpack, a purse, even just across your passenger's seat. Virtually any movement will start to generate the juice you need to keep your gadgets at max capacity.

According to Tremont Electric, "If our entire target market used the PEG to recharge their cell phones for an hour each day, instead of plugging into a wall outlet, they would reduce the amount of electricity needed from the grid by 25.4 million kilowatts. That's enough energy to power 21,000 households for an entire year." Pretty huge change for a small device.

The nPower PEG is just 9 inches tall with a 1.5 inch diameter and weighs 9 ounces. A release date remains to be announced, but you can and be one of the first to get preorder information.

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Big Mother is Watching

I was fortunate enough to grow up with parents who trusted me. Sure, they occasionally took a look at the history and cookies on the family machine, but their snooping never went any further.

Woe to you less fortunate kids (or husbands, or wives) with AT&T a-GPS capable phones. Today the company launched FamilyMap, a location service that can track up to two phones from any web browser, mobile or PC-based. Parents can set up alerts and even ping children's phones to let them know the big eye-in-the-sky is watching. The basic service costs $10 a month. At $15 you can track up to 5 phones. Sorry, Octo-mom, you'll have to tether a few kids together to keep tabs on 'em.


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