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The world of MP3 players has changed dramatically since the introduction of the iPod, but Apple still rules this world. That said, with samrtphones and tablets, the way consumers consume mobile music has evolved considerably. Now the choices are endless, and that's a good thing.

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What to think about:
Portable music players have probably gained the most punch for the buck from recent advances in electronics. In the past 20 years, technology has run the gamut from cassette tape walkmans, compact disc walkmans, minidisc players, flash memory players and finally to portable hard drive players.
in the past six months hard drive players have dropped into a price bracket that mere mortals can afford.

When making your purchase decision, here are the things to consider:

Format: Because of the now ultra low cost per megabyte of hard drive players, this would be my suggestion. Even an above average music fan can probably fit all their CDs on 30GB.

Battery Life: All hard drive players that I know of use a proprietary battery. Make sure you check around for battery life, especially if you are going to take your player traveling. Being on a plane when your battery dies is the worst feeling in the world.

Where to get informed:

Portable music players are in a class by themselves. The product is aimed squarely at the masses. What this means is that you can pretty much freely read reviews on the Web and cull from them real and valid opinions. Unfortunately, this is a rare case.

For the meat and potatoes specs on these items, check out the TechTV and CNet reviews.

Dell Digital Jukebox - Dell goes head-to-head with Apple's iPod

- Review at Tom's Hardware Guide
- TechTV's Review
- CNet's Review

Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 30GB - This is the one I own. As far as I have seen, it is the cheapest 30GB player out there. Mine rocks, but yes, the battery compartment always flips open.

-'s Review - Many real world user reviews here. Stop here.
- Review - More real world reviews, and a sweet deal ($236.99) on this player.
- ZDnet's Review

Apple iPod - This was the first and now the best known (and most expensive) product in this category. Like all products that can consistently garner high prices, the Apple iPod is worth the extra cash, if you can swing it.

- The Gadgeteer Review - This is a very good nuts and bolts review of not only the hardware, but the software.
- CNet Review - CNet Ranks the Apple iPod as one of their Top 100 Products.
- CNet's iPod Mini Review - Apple unveils iPod's less expensive rainbow colored little brother.

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