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Yes, at one time, before the iPhone, smartphones and music streaming, the iPod was a big deal. Combined with the iTunes music store, it revolutionized how we listened to music, and it helped cement the legend of Steve Jobs as an innovator.

Apple’s iPod is easily one of the best inventions of the first decade of this century. It’s certainly one of the most life changing inventions of that time, allowing music fans to carry their entire collection in a unit the size of a deck of cards. Along with iTunes, it gave us unprecedented power over our music collections. You could buy music from iTunes for 99 cents per song, and you could also upload all of your CDs onto the iPod as well. Given the threat of Napster and free music files, the iPod was a revelation as to how the music industry could work with new technology.

Over time, new versions of the iPod came out, including tiny versions you could use when running or working out that would hold portions of your library. Since then we've had the revolutionary iPhone and iPad join the party, making Apple the most innovative and dominant tech company in the world.

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