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Along with the iPod, the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is one of the most important entertainment inventions of the decade, and TiVo is the major player in this area. Millions of users have thrown away their VCRs and videotapes in favor of a hard disk recorder, which allows for instant access, automatic scheduling and high quality recording.


On the official TiVo homepage, you can buy a new TiVo, manage your account, schedule shows online and get technical support.

The premiere forum for TiVo users looking for help, tips and upgrades for their units. Note: There is no discussion of TiVo hacking at this site.

This sit has all sorts of hacks for Series 1 and 2 TiVos.

This is another set of forums directed at more technically-capable TiVo owners.

This is a store that sells TiVos and upgrades. I’ve ordered several hard drives from them to upgrade the amount of space available on my TiVos. You can also purchase new TiVos that have already been upgraded.

Web Guide

Wikipedia – TiVo
This article describes TiVo’s history, how it works and the different features that are available.

PC World’s Secret Tivo Tips and Tricks
This article contains easter eggs, navigation shortcuts and other tips and tricks.

Enabling TiVo’s 30-second skip
Most people don’t think the TiVo is capable of a 30-second commercial skip. This page describes the code you enter on the remote to enable this skip. It’s actually quite easy.

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