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Buying a PC is only as easy or as difficult as you choose to make it. You can spend countless hours, researching every possible component, in order to build the perfect computer for your needs. Or you could go to one of the many computer manufacturers and select one of their packages, which may include everything you need as well as a few things you don’t.

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Today, some of the best sources for up-to-the-minute news on computers and similar gadgets can be found on the most popular Gadget Blogs. - Desktops
The main purpose of this site – which is in typical blog format – is to deliver news about the new gadget releases as well as the latest happenings of the more popular gadgets. Some of the entries also contain reviews, but those are the exception rather than the rule. The blog also has great sections on laptops as well./p>

GearCrave - Computers
This cool blog has some great product information on the latest PC and laptop releases.
They keep redesigning this site, but Engadget still looks better, but this site has a handy “hot” list at the top of the page where a visitor can click on several popular subjects.

Tech Web Sites

There are a ton of sites that offer computer news as well as reviews of the latest desktops and components. Here are the top sites.

PC World

PC Magazine


Computer Shopper

Want to build your own PC? These sites are dedicated to component reviews so you can choose what’s right for your needs.



Extreme Tech

Hot Hardware

Sharky Extreme

Tom's Hardware

PC Mechanic
Ready to build your own PC? This site says it “is the home for PC do-it-yourself'ers.” Along with component reviews, it has a detailed, 23-step article about how to build your own PC.

Does the mere idea of building your own PC give you a migraine? Here are the top pre-built desktop computer manufacturers:





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