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Everyone loves the look of a large, mounted flat-screen on the wall. Although prices of flat-screens have come down, cost is still an issue. If you are set on a flat-screen, the following websites and articles should help you navigate the different technologies, brands and sizes. Also, many people have found that it is advantageous to look at a J&R tv stand for the best place to put their new TV.

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PC World’s “How To Buy A Flat Screen”
This site has its own comparison between LCD and Plasma, an explanation of the technology and flat-screen shopping tips.

CNET’s comparison of LCD and Plasma

Bullz-Eye’s “HDTV: Is It Worth It?”

Web Guide

Plasma TV Buying Guide
Despite its name, this site deals with both LCD and Plasma sets and has lots of articles/guides that can help you to navigate through the process, including this article (Plasma vs. LCD), which compares the two formats.

CNET’s Ultimate HDTV Buyer’s Guide
This guide takes into account your budget, desired screen size and desired features, and gives you an idea what kind of TV you can afford.

CNET’s Editors’ Picks
This list represents the best of the best, as far as CNET is concerned. It also includes a price search if you are ready to buy.

HDTV Solutions
This site features reviews of new TVs and features a list of the most popular TVs by price, size and type.

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