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Has there been a bigger leap in video format than the jump from VHS to DVD? DVDs not only gave you great picture, but they provided digital audio, enhancing the home movie experience tenfold. As we started Bullz-Eye the DVD revolution was just getting started. For more than a decade the DVD revolutionized how we watched movies.

For years, much of the buzz in the movie business centered around DVD releases, including new movies and of course old classic, many of which were remastered for the DVD format and the flat screen TVs that became the rage.

For years, much of our content centered around movie, music and television DVD reviews along with new movie releases. The DVDs were just as popular, sometimes moreso. Television shows in particular found new life with DVD sets, and delux packages were put together for popular movies.

Netflix built an entire business shipping DVDs all over the world to fans who now had the world's largest video store just a few mailing days away. The selection was incredible, as practically every movie and television show was available on DVD. We love streaming serrvices now for the immediacy and the convenience, but nothing beat the selection of Netflix in its prime.

After some time, Blu-ray players started to take over, offering even better picture quality as high definition TVs became more available and kept improving. But the real change of course came with streaming. It started slow, but now it has completely changed the business and viewing habits.

Of course, many consumers still love their DVD players and Blu-ray players. So many of us have libraries of DVDs we bought, and we want to be able to enjoy them. What else am I going to do with the entire collection of works from the Three Stooges?

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