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DVDs and DVD players had a huge impact on the movie-watching experience. The consistent picture and sound quality have allowed many enthusiasts to enjoy more movies at home in the comfort of their own home theater, oftentimes on screens quite a bit bigger than what video tapes allowed.

Then the next generation arrived with two formats, HD-DVD and Blu-ray, vying to be the standard for high definition DVDs. HD-DVDs hit the market first, but Blu-ray won the battle as we expected by offering more capacity. HD-DVDs weren’t that much better than traditional DVDs shown in progressive scan, so many consumers sat on the sidelines and let the early adopters sort things out. In the end, few remember that HD-DVD was even a thing

Blu-rays became the new standard embraced by those wanting the absolute best picture, but many movie fans had huge libraries of DVD collections. So the DVD has survived even after all these years given the legacy demand.

Now with streaming, everything has changed. But many fans love the ideas of owning their favorise movies and TV shows on DVD or Blu-ray, and there's enough of a market for releases to continue. So we've continued our long-running Blu Tuesday feature where we review new Blu-ray releases. Now there are Ultra High Definition (4K) models, complicating things yet again.

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