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DVDs have had a huge impact on the movie-watching experience. The consistent picture and sound quality have allowed many enthusiasts to enjoy more movies at home in the comfort of their own home theater, oftentimes on screens quite a bit bigger than what video tapes allowed.

The next generation is here, with two formats, HD-DVD and Blu-ray, vying to be the standard for high definition DVDs. I had the opportunity to see HD-DVD in action at my local Best Buy. The picture was 720p, which looked good, but not any better than standard HD. I actually prefer the look of 480p on my projection system as the picture has more of a film quality than the 720p HD-DVDs. It’s almost as if the picture is too sharp. According to the folks at Best Buy, the first Toshiba HD-DVD players claim to be 1080p, but are only capable of 720p. This is troubling, especially considering that “1080p” is printed on the box.

HD-DVDs have hit the market first, but Blu-ray offers more capacity, so it’s tough to say which format will win out, though I think Blu-ray will have the edge. Considering that HD-DVDs aren’t that much better than traditional DVDs shown in progressive scan, consumers would be wise to sit on the sidelines for a while and let the early adopters and the manufacturers sort things out.

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