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Digital cameras have revolutionized the world of photography. It’s easier than ever for an amateur photographer to get started. Think about it: instead of having to pay to print all of your pictures - just to see the good ones - you can now upload them to your computer and view them on your monitor before deciding which ones to print. And the quality is just as good as traditional cameras that use film. Some of the sites listed on this page can get you started.

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Excellent content for the camera enthusiast featuring reviews, guides, software and more.

Consumer Reports - Camera Buying Guide
Solid guide to help you find the right digital camera.

Popular Photography Magazine
This is more geared to the amateur and pro photographer than a new shooter looking to buy a camera. Once you pick up your digi cam, this is the place to go to learn to use it. Spend a little time looking at the reviews here, as they are in depth, and if you read between the lines, you will learn a ton about photography.

Imaging Resource
This site has reviews, a price search engine and even a Daily Digital Photo (submitted by photographers around the globe).

Digital Photography Review
A stockpile of digital photography reviews by people who actually take photographs for a living. A novel idea, and great info.

Shutterbug Magazine
Again, geared more towards pros and serious amateurs, this is a good place to learn photo technique.

Gadget Teaser - Cameras
News and info on digital cameras from this gadget blog.


How to buy and digital camera
This is a good place to get started if you’re not sure what type of digital camera you need.

History of digital cameras: From '70s prototypes to iPhone and Galaxy's everyday wonders
The digital camera has come a long way.

Introduction to digital cameras
Since the 1990s, digital cameras have become more and more common—and also more affordable. Because of this, it's now easier than ever to get started with photography. Luckily, you don't need to buy a professional-level camera to get good results. The most important factor is the skill of the photographer. This tutorial will explain how to use lighting, composition, and your camera's settings to take better digital photos—no matter what kind of camera you have.
This filmprocessing lab is a little biased but this is an interesting article.

Photo Prints

Develop, print & share digital photos, all at one site.

Tons of printing options.

Artsy Coutoure
Professional style prints.

The Best Online Photo Printing Services for 2021
More recommendations here.

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