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Slappa Media Cases

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One of the pitfalls of the technological revolution is that we tech dorks end up with a bunch of extra junk that we need to carry around. Compounding this carrying around of junk is the fact that most of the stuff we need to carry around is sensitive to bumps, bangs, and scratches.

Enter Slappa ( Slappa produces a line of cases to cart your media around safely. The products I was sent for review were the 40 CD and the 20 DVD cases:

CD Case

DVD Case

My first impressions were that the cases were well designed. Sure, I looked at how well they were built, but that doesn’t tell you a whole lot about a company as much as how they looked. What good is a product if it looks ghetto when you carry it around?

Okay, so check. Slappa products look cool.

Now, for the well built check. I am a zipper buster. I take things that were never meant to be shoved into spaces they were never meant to fit, and insist that everything fit. The first thing I check with a product like this are the zippers. The zippers on this thing aren’t messing around.

The outers are a departure from the normal gun case feel and are plush. The cases are rock solid, but with a little give. If this thing were dropped, your gear would be safe, and the case would live another day. In order to protect the outer cases, Slappa comes with a super strong mesh go bag that you can slip the whole thing into and run. I didn’t test it, but I am guessing that this thing is water proof.
Inside, Slappas come with a plush lining, sturdy inserts, and a media cleaning cloth.

So, there you have it. It looks stylish, it protects your media. So, what would I do if I were Slappa? Before I read the slip that came with it (it said I must return the goods or be charged) I almost made some mods that I think would be sure fire hits for future Slappa customers.

Like it or not, CDs have fallen out of vogue, and DVDs are on their way out. Sure, this may not be for awhile, but for guys like me, we don’t use that media much anymore. The gear I carry around is more hardware oriented.

The stuff I currently lug around consists of: an ipod, a Sirius satellite radio receiver, and a PalmPilot. This magical mix of gizmos manages to take the place of CDs and DVDs when I am on the go.

To fit Slappa cases into my world, I was tempted to gut the CD carrying part, and plop some custom cut foam cores into the case, and carry my plethora of gizmos around; safe and sound.

During my years of carrying this junk around, I have YET to find a solution that isn’t just a big fat compromise. I think Slappa could deliver the goods.

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