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PlanOn DocuPen R-700 Portable Scanner

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The DocuPen is a portable scanner, which is the size of a large pen and weighs just 2 oz. Considering its street price (around $130, MSRP $199), the main benefit of the DocuPen is its portability, and it’s a good option for those that need to scan documents while in or away from the office.

The DocuPen scans when the user slowly drags it down the page. There are a series of lights on one end that tell the user if the unit is set to low or high resolution and if they are moving the scanner too quickly. It takes a little practice to get the feel of the scanner; if the DocuPen isn’t moved evenly, the quality of the scan will suffer. But after a few scans, the DocuPen is quite easy to use and it only takes about four seconds to scan each page.

The scanner has 2 MB of flash memory, which is enough memory to hold about 100 documents in the low-resolution scan mode. While some portable scanners can only scan text, this unit can capture both monochrome text and graphics.

The DocuPen uses the included USB cable to transfer data, which also allows it to recharge without the need for a separate charging unit. PaperPort software is also included, which allows the user to transfer documents from the DocuPen to a computer, where they can be printed or emailed as .pdf files.

All in all, the DocuPen is a good solution for those that need a portable scanner. While it’s a bit tricky to use at first, after a little practice, the scan quality improves. It may seem a bit pricey at its street price, but after saving a few trips to the local Kinko’s, the unit should pay for itself.

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