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Whether you need help with your own game (who doesn’t?) or you love to keep up-to-date on what the pros are doing, there are tons of sites to satisfy your golf needs.

ALSO! To be a successful golfer, you need functional strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, finesse and timing. Fitness editor Mike Furci details how you can improve your golf game and avoid injury through exercise and stretching.

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Links and Laces Golf TourLinks and Laces Golf Tour
July 7, 2014

We were on hand at the Fantasy Springs golf resort for this golf getaway that featured tons of beautiful models.

Bullz-Eye Golf Tournament Web Guides

British Open
The oldest and arguably the most prestigious of the four major golf championships is the British Open. Check out past winners, links to informational sites and relive past Opens at BE’s British Open page.

The Masters
The Masters is one of the most beloved tournaments and the ultimate showcase for professional golf. Find links to informational sites and travel packages at BE’s Masters page.  

The US Golf Open has evolved immensely over time. Check out a brief intro on the history of the event, as well as past winners, links to informational sites and a section dedicated to reliving past US Opens.

PGA Championship
The golf season's final major, see this run-down on the PGA Championship and it's past winners, informational sites and news stories.

Golf Information Sites
Presented by Golf Magazine, this is absolutely the most comprehensive golf site on the Web.
This is the official site of PGA America and is really for every type of golfer out there. Keep up-to-date on the pro game and learn something from the online tips. Even the hackers out there might learn a thing or two.
This site provides great coverage of each of the major tours from the PGA to the Nike tour. Check out the equipment section as well.
The commentary on this site is excellent and the instructional tips will help your game. The editors also like the leaderboard for latest tournament information.

This is the site of the United States Golf Association and is a pleasant site to visit. Good sections on rules of the game and golf etiquette are included for those who need it!
This site has very good coverage of worldwide golf. Check out the "Golf Mall" for interesting links for gear or golf-related products. For your next golf trip, you can read reviews from courses all over the world on this site! The travel section also has well-written articles about golf destinations worldwide.

The Amateur Golf Advisor
You should only visit this site if (a) you’re a hacker, (b) you’re a beginner, or (c) you’re desperate. That said, this site provides a thorough discussion of the many aspects of the game and is much cheaper (free!) than those golf videos or magazines you may have already tried.
A humorous look at the world of golf and bad golfers. Most of us can probably relate to this site!
Waggle Room offers interesting golf blogs and an opportunity to post your thoughts and opinions. The site also has viewer polls, information on the major tours and links to buy golf tickets.
Check out golf rumors, blogs, videos, news, discussions, scores and more at – a place for fans to share stories and make comments about what’s happening in the golf world.

News and Commentary

Another Vegas Innovation - Beautiful Ball Washers
Trust us, you'll want to check out this humorous article at SPORTSbyBOOKS.COM about how to get your (golf) balls washed in Vegas.

Golf Memorabilia

Golf Art
This site is dedicated to nothing but collectible golf art. Why there is such a thing I’ll never know. The only people I’ve ever seen buy this stuff are those middle-management jerks that spend all their time outside the office playing golf and all their time in the office talking about playing golf. I hate those guys. But, if you are one of those guys then this is the site for you! In addition to pastoral pictures of Augusta and other PGA tour stops, you can also purchase framed and autographed club heads from some of the biggest golfers currently on tour.

Antique Golf
For the golf fan that’s also a historian, this site features an amazing collection of antique golf gear, some of which is over 100 years old. They also sell vintage golf memorabilia like a golf desktop calendar from 1904 and a brass golf ball from the 1920s.

Check out more sports memorabilia resources.

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