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While it doesn't carry the attention that baseball, football, basketball or hockey do, soccer does have its strong points. Check a game out some time, but realize that Americans play a much different game than the version played by the rest of the world.

Also, keep in mind that the US doesn't really need to catch up to the rest of the world. Outside of the US, it's the sport that dominates everything, as fans are obsessed with their team and religiously check in with the bookies to see the latest lines. It's an obsession. And while soccer wiill never be the #1 sport here, that doesn't mean it can't have a great following. The success of the 2010 and World Cups was huge, and now ESPN, FOX and the other sports networks are all over international soccer, helping the sport gain even more popularity here.

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Soccer Features Archive

GuinnessGuinness brings soccer to the U.S. in style, breaking records along the way

We headed to Ann Arbor to watch Real Madrid play Manchester United in the Guinness International Champions Cup, making history in the process.

Clint Dempsey10 questions with US Soccer captain Clint Dempsey

We chatted with US Men's National Team captain Clint Dempsey about his role in the Degree DO: MORE campaign, his soccer career and more.

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Soccer Video

Landon Donovan discusses Team USA and the 2014 World Cup.

Here's a video with funny soccer commentary.

American Soccer
A great site that provides thorough reporting of American soccer news.
This site has comprehensive news about MLS, the men's and women's national teams, college soccer, youth clubs and more.

Soccer Training Info
Soccer training tips, including information on passing, dribbling, shooting and strategies.

SR Soccer - US Soccer
This soccer blog covers the American scene along with world soccer.

Fox Sports
What if the United State's greatest athletes played soccer?
Check out soccer rumors, blogs, videos, news, discussions, scores and more at – a place for fans to share stories and make comments about what’s happening in the soccer world.

Europoean Soccer
This is about as close to a satellite dish that you can get! Probably the best overall soccer site, has all the goals covered with European soccer, along with South American soccer. Serie A of Italian soccer gets the most coverage. This site offers live Webcasts of games throughout the world. Also, you can view this site in four different languages.
A great site devoted to British soccer.
SR Soccer - European Soccer
All of the major countries are covered on this blog.

BBC News
Excellent coverage of British soccer news.

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