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America's pastime has traveled a bumpy road over the past 20 years. We lost the World Series in 1994, and it took a while for the fans to come back. The home run chase between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa electrified fans and brought them back to the ballpark, but now even that joyous time and many others have been tainted by the steroids scandal. It's still a wonderful game, and Major League Baseball now has beautiful new parks in many of its cities, and millions of people play fantasy baseball.

Baseball long ago was surpassed by football as America's most popular sport, but it remains rooted in our culture.

Here's our interview with Clint Frazier, the top pick of the Cleveland Indians in the 2013 baseball draft.

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Follow baseball's pennant races all season long.

Best Death ScenesTop 10 Baseball Movies
April 1, 2005

For a sport that induces rabid obsession in its fans and narcolepsy in its detractors, there have been a startling number of well made, and totally different, movies about baseball.


Bill James Baseball IQ
This is the ultimate app for baseball fans. You can get it for your iPad or iPhone, and the amount of information available is incredible. Checkout matchups and all the stats you can imagine, and get an amazing edge in Fantasy Baseball or in your baseball betting if you're heading to Vegas.

The official site of Major League Baseball is now packed with features and information. This is the place to go to if you want to listen to a game online -- but only after you pay the annual subscription fee that lets you listen to any game, any time. The site also has an extensive video and audio library of past MLB games, along with all the stats, scores and other features you would expect to find.

Baseball Nerd
Regardless of what you think of Keith Olbermann as a poltical commentator, he's a brilliant writer when it comes to sports, particularly baseball. His baseball blog on will appeal to any serious baseball fan.

Scores Report - MLB
This sports blog covers all the major sports.
Absolutely fantastic baseball coverage, complete with game recaps, real-time box scores and some of the best baseball columnists on the Web.

USA Today
This site provides an excellent news resource along with interesting analysis.
Here you’ll find the great combination of CNN’s news and SI’s writing.

CBS Sports - MLB
Sportsline offers the usual -- columnists, stats, transactions, headlines, team reports, schedules and probable pitching match-ups. But the scoreboard may be the best around, offering real-time updates that get you closer to the game than any other scoreboard on the Web.
Quite simply a necessity for any baseball freak. Find out who the NL Gold Glove second baseman was in 1993 (Robby Thompson), who led the AL in hits in 1942 (Johnny Pesky with 205) or how many errors Ozzie Smith had in his career (281). A fabulous site to find nearly anything you’re looking for about this great game, including what players, active and retired, share your birthday.

Bugs & Cranks
Bugs & Cranks covers the good, the bad, and the ridiculous that is Major League Baseball.  With local experts cheering and jeering each team, no story goes uncovered as they dissect the minutiae, personalities and stupidity that populate America's pastime. 

Baseball Newsstand
This is a very convenient site for anyone who likes following various teams around the country. You’ll find links for every team’s official site, the local newspaper and more, along with links to tons of columnists.
Looking for info on your team’s biggest minor-league prospect? Want to know which youngsters on the farm are destined for stardom? You’ll find information on all of baseball’s big-name prospects along with player interviews and decent writers.
“Your source for anything baseball!” They’re not lying. Part of the family, Baseballology is crammed with useful information. Solid columnists, scores, stats, headlines, schedules, message boards and team breakdowns are just some of the highlights of this site, and you’ll also find news about baseball video games, baseball books, baseball cards and baseball movies.
A decent site to find game recaps, the latest standings and probable pitching matchups. You can also brush up on your trivia and join in on the site’s bulletin board, easily its most attractive feature.
It basically consists of five guys writing about baseball. They’re good writers and they know their stuff -- qualities that are very rare on the net.

Baseball Quote of the Day
As the name implies, visit this site to receive a daily baseball quote from past and present players, managers, coaches and writers. There’s also a cool feature-length section that offers transcripts of Lou Gehrig’s infamous farewell speech, Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First” routine, FDR’s “Green Light Letter” and more. Finally, you can also search the site’s database of more than 900 quotes by keywords, or view the list by name, team, location or position.
Check out baseball rumors, blogs, videos, news, discussions, scores and more at – a place for fans to share stories and make comments about what’s happening in the baseball world.

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