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Millions of people now play fantasy baseball and other fantasy sports, and it all started with a group of guys who invented "Rotisserie Baseball." ESPN recently covered the invention of this game back in 1980 with its documentary "Silly Little Game" as part of its excellent 30 for 30 documentary series. Back in the day, doing research was an art form and a real cometitive advanatage. Now with the Internet every player in a league as access to stats sorted in every possible way at his or her fingertips. That said, fantasy baseball still requires much more time than fantasy football.

It’s time to dust off the cleats, grab the mitt and break out the bat because it is fantasy baseball time! Okay, so the actual players can grab their gear, you just have some research to do. Anyone that has played fantasy baseball knows the key to being a successful owner is information. Finding the best and latest news will keep you ahead of your competition and send you on the fast track to a championship. It’s not easy, however, as one could get lost with the abundance of information on the web. That’s why we put together this fantasy baseball web guide to help you navigate the net easier and save valuable time. Go ahead and get to work, you can thank us later.

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Yahoo! Fantasy baseball
Great site for hosting your fantasy baseball league. They also have an excellent app. Fantasy Baseball
Another great resource for your league that's also loaded with MLB info to help you manage your team.

CBS Sports Fantasy Baseball
Excellent resource to host your league or join other leagues. - Fantasy offers tons of free fantasy games.

Reddit Fnatasy Baseball Message Boards
Great resource for the hard-core player who is always lokking for an edge.

Fantasy Pros - MLB
Get your player information here to get an edge.

Amazing resource for the hard-core player who loves baseball analytics.
Another excellent resource for fantasy players.


Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball: An Introduction
Sabermetrics have become an integral tool for fantasy baseball draft prep, but a concise resource for understanding the basics can be difficult to find.

Fantasy Baseball Advanced Stats 101: How to use data to find the best hitters
Chris Towers introduces you to some of the key advanced stats to look at for hitters and shows you how to use them to identify the best hitters..

Fantasy 101: Explaining Advanced Stats
Colin Charles and Scott Chu dive into the world of advanced stats and show you how to use them to your advantage.

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