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Sports fans love collecting sports memorabilia. Whether its authentic team jerseys, player cards, or autographs, their pursuit of the ultimate sport collectible can sometimes be downright scary. Even scarier than a sports fanatic’s unending quest for event programs, autographed balls and commemorative issues of Sports Illustrated is how hard it can be to find a place that consistently sells quality memorabilia. Even worse, the world of sports memorabilia is full of heartless scam artists that claim to be selling Michael Jordon autographed basketballs but are actually selling their old playground ball with a forged signature by their third-cousin scribbled across it. Shop from these trusted and reliable sports memorabilia sites, and avoid getting burned like Mavericks did in game six.

General Sports Memorabilia
This just might be the best sports memorabilia site on the web, and it is definitely the most user-friendly one. You can search by sport, team or item type, and then further you can refine further with just a couple clicks. They have an amazing selection of memorabilia for all the big sports and are partnered with CBS Sportsline, so you know they can be trusted.

Pro Sports Memorabilia
This is a good site for the sports fan that is looking for a little bit of everything. They have a large variety of items in the big sports (NFL, NBA, etc.) as well as a decent selection of collectibles for fans of boxing, tennis and wrestling too. One small problem with the site is that they have all their Olympic athlete autographs in the ‘celebrities’ section, so skating superstar Apollo Ono ends up on the same page as Keanu Reeves – and unless Reeves is hiding some gold medal in the long jump or something, that’s just not right.

Steiner Sports
This site specializes in autographed memorabilia, like baseballs, bats and team posters. They also host signings at their brick-and-mortar store in NYC, and they post their upcoming signing schedule at the site.

Upper Deck Store
Upper Deck is best known for their trading cards, but they sell a lot of other memorabilia and sports collectibles, many of which are exclusive to their site. In addition to their exclusive autographs they also have a very unusual collection of sports die-cast collectibles, which include an Oakland Raiders pick-up truck and Shaq Mini-Hummer.

Grandstand Sports
Nothing but autographs here, and they have some good ones. They also seem to be one of the only sites still selling autographed memorabilia featuring Olympic athletes like Shaun White.
An all-sport memorabilia site that primarily deals in autographs of both current and past athletes. These guys have a hell of an NHL section.

Soccer Memorabilia

Football Zone
A great site for fans of that ‘other’ football (you know, the one that 90% of the world obsesses about.) These guys specialize in authentic programs from soccer games going as far back as the 1940s, many of which are surprisingly inexpensive. Their site may be a little funky looking, but they seem to have a very good reputation and even have a section dedicated to helping their customers spot reprints and fakes.
In addition to authentic team programs, this site also sells tickets to classic soccer games, season ticket books and vintage soccer posters. They also sell old and new soccer VHS tapes and DVDs. Keep in mind that this is a UK site however, so if you live in the US or any other country, your entertainment equipment might not play these videos.

Racing Memorabilia

Go Motor Bids
This auction site sells both sport related and non-sport related car memorabilia. If you or someone you love is really into to NASCAR this site is a must-see because of their large selection of official NASCAR collectibles and one-of-a-kind items, like used pit crew suits and the actual suits worn by NASCAR drivers.

Pyramid Racing
More stuff for NASCAR nuts. While this site specializes in die-cast miniatures, they also sell a wide variety of flags and decals sporting your favorite racers as well.

Tennis Memorabilia

Tennis Express
This is one of the only sites solely dedicated to tennis memorabilia, and features autographs from tennis stars of the past and present, collectible issues of SI and a wide selection of tennis trading cards. Yes, there are tennis trading cards. I was shocked too.

Golf Memorabilia

Golf Art
This site is dedicated to nothing but collectible golf art. Why there is such a thing I’ll never know. The only people I’ve ever seen buy this stuff are those middle-management jerks that spend all their time outside the office playing golf and all their time in the office talking about playing golf. I hate those guys. But, if you are one of those guys then this is the site for you! In addition to pastoral pictures of Augusta and other PGA tour stops, you can also purchase framed and autographed club heads from some of the biggest golfers currently on tour.

Antique Golf
For the golf fan that’s also a historian, this site features an amazing collection of antique golf gear, some of which is over 100 years old. They also sell vintage golf memorabilia like a golf desktop calendar from 1904 and a brass golf ball from the 1920s.

Signed Memorabilia
Signed collectables 4 u provide genuine authentic memorabilia throughout the UK. Specialising in Football memorabilia and music autographs, all items are fully guaranteed and come with a certificate of authentication.

Official Stores

With doubtful claims of authenticity always a problem in the sports memorabilia market, sometimes the best place to get the goods is direct from the source and at the sports’ official websites. Most sport leagues have top-quality memorabilia sites that include everything from jerseys and DVDs to autographed items and one-of-a-kind collectibles. They are also the best sites to go if you are only interested in getting memorabilia for one specific sport.

NBA Store

NFL Shop
NFL Hall Of Fame Online Store

NHL Hall Of Fame Online Store
NHL Shop

MLB Hall Of Fame Online Store
MLB Shop

Official NASCAR Store

IRL Racing

PGA Store

FIFA Soccer

Official MLS Store

International Federation of Competitive Eating
This is totally the sport of the 21st century. Just you wait and see. Get your official IFOCE gear here; don’t settle for bootleg gear you find on the street.

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