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The web is littered with sports blogs and sports rumor sites. We’ve listed the sites that that offer the best and funniest sports gossip along with those that offer the most reliable sports rumors.
Our friend Brooks was on of the pioneers in this area, and he's basically turned SPORTSbyBROOKS into the TMZ of sports. He's a great resource for unusual and hilarious sports stories, and he's been breaking all sorts of stories from details on the Toger Woods fiasco to all of the scandals in college football.

Bad Jock
“Where COPS meets Sportscenter” that’s the tag line for this site that focuses on all the trouble athletes find themselves in. Needless to say, they always have plenty of material.

This blog from the folks at Gawker has become one of the most popular sports sites on the web.
One of the best rumor sites on the web, Rotoworld gets straight to the point of whom, where and when. This site is great for offering its own opinion on the news while also including the link to where the gossip came from. Rotoworld also posts its own fantasy features and headline news stories.
Another site that gets right to the point with its information, KFFL is great for up to the second signings, releases and rumors. The site only caters to NFL and MLB information, however.
ProSportsDaily is right in line with Rotoworld and KFFL as far as fast information, but it also should be noted that its also one of the most organized and cleanest.
This is another humor-based web site that often posts funny pictures and video about NFL players. ProFootballTalk isn’t all about humor, however, and is growing in popularity due to reliable sources on daily NFL rumors. The site is often right about predicting NFL signings and cuts.
As the name suggests, this site is catered towards MLB rumors. The site is good at sifting through the unreliable sources and posting accurate information.
In line with ProFootballTalk, HockeyBuzz offers rumors solely on the NHL and often delivers humor to its reporting.
This isn’t the easiest site to navigate around, but the information is good.
This isn’t necessarily a top information website, but it does offer sports forums and message boards for people to share opinions and predictions.

YAHOO! Rumors
YAHOO! Rumors is set up like a blog with short news stories and then a comment section underneath. It usually is a great source for where free agents are visiting.
Check out sports rumors, blogs, videos, news, discussions, scores and more at – a place for fans to share stories and make comments about what’s happening in the sports world.

Rumors & Gossip Blog

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