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There may not be a so-called "magic bullet," but the right testosterone supplement can not only help you add muscle, but also boost your sex drive. It's true. Of course, not all supplements are created equal, so what should you be looking for? Check out part 1 of my "More Muscle and More Sex" series below, then come back next month for part 2.

Quality Assurance

Let me start by saying that I’m one of the most skeptical people I know when it comes to the supplement industry. I started working out seriously in 1983, a time when the supplement industry pretty much did what it wanted without consequence. Most supplements on the market at that time were worthless, and any manufacturer that claimed their products boosted your testosterone levels lied. Manufacturers would do and say whatever it took to get you to buy their products. I, like many others, fell prey to the industry and wasted more money than I care to think about.

Well, as they say, time changes all. And though there are still snake oil salesmen promoting their garbage, the supplement industry has really taken a turn for the better. The quality of products has risen dramatically in the last two decades, with the biggest advances in the last 10 years. This is in no doubt due to Dr. Scott Connelly and his former company MET-Rx.

MET-Rx is one of the most innovative supplement companies to date. The quality and efficacy of their products set new industry standards in the early ‘90s. Their product, Hardcore ZMA, is one of four I will be reporting on in this two-part article. The others are: 6 OXO by Ergopharm, and Alpha Male and Tribex made by Biotest. Biotest and Ergopharm, like Met-Rx, are very concerned with quality, and are also at the forefront of the industry. These are not the only products these companies sell, but this article is going to focus on boosting testosterone naturally.

A Personal Experience

In the mid-‘90s I was turned on to a product called Tribestan, by a popular professional bodybuilder. This product was, and still is, distributed by Sopharma. The main ingredient found in Tribestan is tribulus terrestris. It was supposed to increase your testosterone, lean body weight and sex drive. I had seen this product all over the magazines for a long time, but as I wrote above, I am the epitome of the skeptical consumer. If it weren’t for this bodybuilder’s word, I never would have considered trying it.

I took the product for about six months exactly like he said to. Nothing -- absolutely nothing -- happened. Not even an allergic reaction. He also got a lot of my friends to try it. The response was the same. Absolutely nothing happened. Come to find out this idiot was sponsored by Sopharma. Of course he’s going to push this stuff.

As time went on, I kept reading about the positive effects of tribulus terrestris. Not only that it will increase sex drive and testosterone, but it will also help to decrease cholesterol. Very respected people in the industry wrote many of the articles I read. Every so often I would try new products that contained tribulus terrestris, and each time I swore I would never waste my money again. I couldn’t understand what was going on. There was much data supporting tribulus, yet the effects from the products were zero. Either the companies weren’t putting the actual ingredient in their products or the quality was too poor to elicit any effect.

Enter Biotest. About 10 years ago I decided to give Tribex, then called Tribex 500, a try. This decision, again, was made only after reading many articles and endorsements from people with impeccable reputations. Yet, as in the past, I truly thought I was wasting my money. However, much to my surprise, the first thing I started to notice after about a week of use was a noticeable increase in my sex drive. No, not a small increase, but a sharp increase. I would check out our newest Bullz-Eye model and BAM!! ERECTION!! The wind would blow and BAM!! Just kidding. You get the idea. If that were true, Biotest couldn’t make the stuff fast enough to support the demand.

After about four weeks I started to notice that I was getting a little leaner. My veins were showing a little more and my muscularity was definitely improving. Now, I am not saying there were dramatic gains of muscle and a tremendous loss of fat. However, I am saying that this stuff definitely produced noticeable gains and helped me along in my goals, which is more than the vast majority of natural products out there. And you’ve got to admit, raising your sexual drive, and consequently your performance, is not a bad thing.

Over the last several years, Biotest has released new versions of their tribulus product. I’ve taken them all and have been very satisfied. I just finished six weeks of the latest version simply called Tribex. It’s their tribulus stand-alone product with no additional extracts in the formula. Biotest has also bumped up the potency due to new technology and research, which allows you to get the maximum dose in just two capsules.

I have to say, this product is a must for guys who want a boost to their workouts and libido. Especially those of you who are in your 40s like myself, who find it a little more difficult to recover from their workouts. Tribex is a must for anyone’s arsenal to beat back Father Time.

Tribex active ingredient

So what is in this stuff that produces such positive effects?

Tribulus terrestris: This is a very powerful herb that has been shown to elevate testosterone in numerous studies. Many researchers believe this herb increases the levels of luteinizing hormone, which positively influences testosterone levels. Research also shows increased blood flow to Mr. Happy by relaxing the corpus cavernosums (where the blood goes when an erection occurs). This relaxation effect is speculated to be very similar to the mechanism by which Viagra works.

Some frequently asked questions

Are there any negative side effects? Do you consider an increased libido a negative side effect? Do you consider better sexual performance a negative side effect? Do you consider a better sense of well-being a negative side effect? Unless you feel any of the above to be a negative side effect, I’m here to tell you, there are none.

Will Tribex help me get leaner? It is a fact that with an increase in testosterone one will see an increase in lipolysis (fat burning). Higher testosterone levels not only help to build muscle, but also help to increase your basal metabolic rate. There are no magic bullets and Tribex is no exception, but it is the only tribulus terrestris product that will enhance your weight training and dieting gains.

What kind of gains can I expect? The gains from person to person will vary, just as the gains from weight training will vary. The average person can expect to gain from five to 10 pounds of muscle within the first month or two, providing that they are eating right and training right. Training, diet and testosterone have a synergistic effect. To get the full effect of the increase in testosterone, one must not exclude the other two.


A recommended dosage is one to two capsules in the morning and one to two capsules six to eight hours later, each time on an empty stomach. Biotest recommends not exceeding six capsules in any 24 hour period, and to follow the cycling information contained on the product label. The law of diminishing returns applies to Tribex. In other words, just because you take more than the recommended dosage doesn’t mean a better result.

Check out Part 2 of the "More Muscle and More Sex" series.


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