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Shaving is the bane of man’s existence. We all hate it, but we all have to do it (unless you’re in ZZ Top), so we try to find the easiest and most effective way to do so. There are a ton of razors out there, however, and the recent battle for the top of the facial grooming mountain is more heated than ever. Let this guide help you pick the blade that’s right for your soon to be baby smooth face.

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Blade Wars
One blade was good enough until 1971, and two blades seemed to work just fine until 1998, so what’s the need for the new four and five blade razors out there? This article takes a look at the increasingly heated razor wars, and how the winner might come down to whoever has the most blades.

Official Pages

Schick Quattro
With the Mach 3 from Gillette, we all thought three blades was more than enough to remove even the most stubborn hairs, but Schick disagreed, upping the ante to four blades in 2005 with this massive beast of a shaver.

Gillette Fusion
Gillette could have just made a Mach 4 and be done with it, but in the arms race that is the razor wars, one-upmanship is the ket to survival, so here it is, their new ‘shaving system’ that has everyone talking. One side has five blades (plus an extra aloe strip to stop irritation) and the other has a bonus blade on the back for precision trimming. While this may sound a little excessive many have been praising its amazing closeness since its release earlier this year.

Face Of Fusion Tour
Gillette has been promoting their newest creation since February with their ‘Face Of Fusion’ promotional tour, traveling around the country looking for the new spokesmodel for Gillette. So if you think you have finely chiseled features and a love for five-bladed razors, then you might want to try you luck and audition.

If the idea of sticking nearly half a dozen razors to your face scares you, don’t fret. Bic is still making their classic one-blade disposable, as well as affordable two and three-blade alternatives.

It may look like some bizarre bastard offspring of a handheld vaccum and a barcode scanner, but it is the only blade out there that’s designed solely for the purpose of head shaving.

Reviews & Guides

Razor Reviews
With so many blades on the market, with replacement blades for them costing anywhere from less than a buck to over eight dollars, you want to know which is the best. This in-depth review of all the major razors, from a one-blade bic to the Fusion, breaks each of them down by their pros and cons.

Barbershop Blog - Razors
This cool blog covers barborshops and stuff related to men's grooming, including reviews and information regarding all types of razors.

Shaving Stuff
For reviews of everything shaving related, check out Shavingstuff.com. They don’t just review the shavers, but shaving cream and aftershave as well.

Fusion vs. Straight Blade
While most reviews on the web have been comparing the Fusion to the various other brands of razors out there, Jerry Zezima of Fort Wayne takes the five-bladed wunderblade to task against an old-school straight razor. The results may surprise you.

Straight Razor Guide
Gillette seems to think that four blades aren't enough, but if you ask any old-school barber, there’s nothing wrong with a simple one-blade straight razor. If done right, a straight-razor can probably give you the best shave of your life. But before you go and stick a newly sharpened six-inch blade to your neck, do a little research first.

Shave no More
Tired of shaving? Ultra Hair Away can be sprayed on and it removes unwanted hair. Some women like hair on men, but many don't. Try this product for your grooming needs.

Humor & Satire

The Onion Prophet Strikes Again
While the Fusion has been out since February of this year, The Onion predicted its arrival two years earlier with this piece of satire. Whenever The Onion successfully predicts the future another horseman of the apocalypse saddles up.

Six-Blades Of Doom
That Onion article was just a joke a year ago, and now it's reality. In 2007, when the six-blade Schick Cheese Grater comes out, this guy will have the last laugh.

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