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Vitamin D is not technically a vitamin at all but rather a secosteroid hormone that targets over 2000 genes. That’s about 10% of the human genome.

Current research has indicated that a vitamin D deficiency is a major factor in the pathology of at least 17 varieties of cancer, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune disease, diabetes, depression and more.

The health care industry can no longer ignore the key biological functions in which vitamin D plays a major role. Our Fitness Editor, Mike Furci, addresses the benefits of Vitamin D in one of his recent Q&A columns.

Let the Sunshine In!

Still the best and most efficient way for the body to metabolize this vital hormone, sun exposure has gotten a bad rap. Modern lifestyle also is a factor as many people spend much more time in doors and less time soaking in nature’s bounty.

Fish and fish oils rank high and some foods are being fortified with vitamin D to ensure that it becomes a part of everyone’s diet.

Vitamin D will be a necessary component for anyone looking to maximize their health and fitness level.
Below, find a web guide to answer some of your questions and resources for further study.

Web Guide

National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplements
This site offers very straightforward information with tables and easy to follow charts. This is a good overview of the benefits and resources of vitamin D. You will find reliable information from the NIH and references for further study.

Vitamin D Council
Here, learn the basics of vitamin D and the role that health professionals and you can play in improving your health with knowledge.

Bottom Line Fitness – Vitamin D
This fitness and health blog has many posts on the benefits of Vitamin D.
Not just vitamin D information but also information on how your lifestyle and medications could interact with your absorption of this vital hormone. Don’t derail your best efforts to stay healthy. Get all the info here.

New York Times – Vitamin D Health Guide
You’ll find up to the minute news and information on vitamin D along with recommended dosages and the best sources in your diet.

Medical News Today
This site offers bullet point information answering your questions about the benefits and importance of vitamin D. Balanced information is offered in a question and answer format for easy reference.

Nutrition Data
This site is a great guide to your nutritional sources of vitamin D. Plain and simple info on foods and the dietary information to help you make the best food choices for you.

Vitamin D Foods
Here you will find a quick guide to vitamin D foods and the benefits for your health and general nutrition.
This site addresses the need for supplements and how to choose the best one for you and your diet. There is also a Best Vitamin D Recipes section to help you incorporate vitamin D in your daily diet.

This site offers information to help you assess your vitamin D needs and to determine if you are deficient.  It also discusses the symptoms and diseases associated with deficiency. - Vitamin D
This blog covers medical issues and wellness issues, along with vitamins and other supplements.

Vitamin D Council
This article discusses vitamin D Deficiency Syndrome and also vitamin D toxicity. This clinical overview offers references for further research and in-depth analyses of vitamin D on overall health.


Rise in Vitamin D Deficiency
Did you know that a deficiency in vitamin D causes Rickets? Incidences of Rickets are on the rise as lifestyle changes, too much sunscreen and population migration affects general health.

Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency is in the news. Find how much and which sources fit into your lifestyle and nutritional needs.

Low Vitamin D Linked to colon cancer
Vitamin D is in the news explaining the link of deficiency to colon cancer. Important and timely info on this hot topic in health news.

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