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With high amounts of caffeine, natural stimulants such as Guarana and Ginseng, and countless chemicals previously unheard of in the English language, Energy Drinks promise to pump you up for an all-night party, a cross-country drive or just a late-night cram session. But with so many on the market, it’s a good idea to read up before you drink up.

Energy Drink Sites

Red Bull
The big dog in the house, Red Bull burst into America in 1997 and is credited with starting the energy drink craze that continues to this day. With its slim can and light taste (compared to other energy drinks), it remains a favorite at parties, concerts and clubs.

The energy drink with a very unfortunate name that has gained massive popularity among the hardcore gaming community – unique from other energy drinks in that it comes in a stylish glass bottle, and its unbelievably high caffeine content.

America’s first energy drink recently underwent a massive makeover, replacing their standard pop cans and bottles with new huge resealable metal containers. What’s on the inside is different as well, with four all-new flavors introduced to the mix.

If anyone is going to challenge Red Bull for number one status, it’s Rockstar. This well-marketed drink packs a big pop in an even bigger can (twice the size of Red Bull’s) and is available in regular and diet versions.

If you want the kick of an energy drink/alcohol mix but lack the mixing skill (or the motor capabilities…depending on just how much you’ve partied) you might want to reach for Sparks, an energy drink with alcohol.

Lightning: Behold The Power Of Seagal
Steven Seagal’s energy drink. Because running low on energy while fighting environmental terrorists/Jamaican drug lords/dirty cops/mercenaries is NOT an option!

Alcohol Mixes

Red Bull Drink Mixes
People are in such a hurry these days, wanting to get a buzz and get wasted at the same time. Red Bull and Vodka has always been known to do the trick, but there are literally dozens of drink recipes that involve Red Bull in one way or another, with names ranging from the simple (Bull Kick, Ink Drop) to the absurd (Dark Side of the Force, Kurt Cobain), and they are all listed on this site.

Drink Reviews

Wasted Brains Energy Drink Reviews
The best energy drink review site on the web, featuring reviews of every energy drink you’ve ever heard of, and even more that you haven’t. Each review lists the active ingredients of the drink and serving size while giving a brief but comprehensive review of a drink’s taste and effects. If your current energy drink isn’t getting the job done, this is the place to go to find a new one.

Another drink review site, this one geared a bit more towards the beverage industry. Still, it has plenty of great reviews, as well as visitor ratings and reviews – so you get more than just one opinion.

Online Stores

Think Geek
Computer geeks seem to be the biggest supporters of the energy drink market. Think Geek (an online computer geek megastore) has a whole section dedicated to caffeine, where you can buy energy drinks by the case on the cheap.

A1 Nutritional Products
This online store is geared towards fitness freaks and bodybuilders, and the energy drinks they have available are tailored for that audience, and are high in vitamins and other essential nutrients needed for a good workout, in addition to loads of caffeine.

Articles, Blogs and Information

Energy Drink Facts
Everything you’d ever want to know about energy drinks, from which works the best to the potential side effects of over consumption. - Energy Drinks
This health blog looks at the issue of whether these drinks are helpful or harmful.

Caffeine Side Effects
Drink with caution. While energy drinks and their ilk can give you a good buzz, this recent study shows many of the problems that can come from too much caffeine.

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