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Hair restoration is the second-hardest topic to find reliable info for on the internet (the first is…well, treatment for another region). Between the countless spam emails, scam medical treatments and really bad toupees, it’s hard to separate the good from the crap. But here are some general tips: With the exception of FDA-approved medications (which are listed below) avoid any site that is trying to sell you something – you can’t trust them. Also, keep in mind there is NO miracle cure for baldness. If there was, you wouldn’t need this guide.

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This excellent site offers a wide variety of innovative treatments for hair loss and thinning hair. With more than 300 different products in stock, has become a popular destination for both men and women looking to do something about their thinning hair.

Nisim International
This company is a global leader in supplying hair products that are are guaranteed and clinically proven. The hair loss products include: 1) Nisim - shampoos are GUARANTEED to reduce excessive hair loss for men or women within one week and treatments grow hair back that has been lost in the past 5 years. 2) KALO - a hair inhibitor to prevent unwanted body hair from growing back. Works for men or women on all body parts. 3) F.A.S.T. - Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy for the fastest growing hair, helps hair to grow up to twice as fast.

Herbal Technologies
This company sells two interesting products - Foliactive and Folilaser. Foliactive is a 2 in 1 method to combat hair loss and to make the hair stronger and healthier. The product consists of a natural dietary supplement and a spray which together work to build up the hair structure and stop hair loss. Folilaser is a laser comb to combat hair loss and to make the hair stronger and healthier. The device incorporates the patented technology Vibratonic and many other important advanced technologies.


There are only two FDA-approved drugs for hair treatment, and Propecia is one of them. You need a prescription for it, and its long-term side-effects are still unknown. It has also been known to cause sexual side-effects (AKA impotence!!) in a small percentage of users – which is a clear case of the cure being worse than the disease.

The only other FDA-approved drug for hair loss, Rogaine has been around since the 80s, and is proven to help stop thinning hair. I had a roommate in college that used this though, and all it gave him was a layer of peach-fuzz over his bald head. So I guess results may vary.


American Hair Loss Council
If you really are serious about getting back your manly ‘fro, then you should probably consult a hair loss expert, and not your regular doctor. The American Hair Loss Council’s homepage is a good place to get some basic info, and they have a state-by-state directory of their members.

North American Hair Research Society
Another reputable medical site discussing hair loss and some viable solutions. They have detailed info on several options, including surgery and a good FAQ that’ll probably answer most of your questions.


Hair Loss Help
A good combination of medical and anecdotal advice and articles can be found here, at the Hair Loss Help Forums. Although nothing may sound sadder than a bunch of bald men sitting in front of their computers complaining about their hard luck, there’s a wealth of knowledge here, and features some of the only trustworthy discussions of non-FDA approved hair-loss methods that you’ll easily find online.

Stop Hair Loss Now
Another great site for all-around information regarding hair loss and treatment options. It’s more organized and easy-to-follow than any other site out there, but it is based in the UK, so some of the information (such as drug availability and such) may not be relevant to American readers.


Hair Site
I don’t often include sites to avoid in a web guide, but since there are so many bad hair restoration sites out there, I thought I should mention one just as an example. While it may look like a reputable page with plenty of options, everything on this page is really just trying to sell you something, so you can’t believe a word they are saying. If that wasn’t enough of a warning, the webmaster’s email address is an AOL account, always a red flag in any situation.


The Hair Helmet
There always seems to be ‘breakthrough new technology’ in the fight against hair loss. Here’s the latest. You’ll look like an idiot wearing it, but if it stops you from turning into a great Kojak impersonate, then it’s probably worth it.

Sad Bald Asians
In Hong Kong there’s actually a growing problem of women leaving their men because they are losing their hair – way to totally reinforce all of our insecurities ladies. At least the next time your wife or girlfriend gets mad at you for complaining about her looks, you can throw this article in her face to prove that it goes both ways.

Bald Pop Tart
This isn’t relevant in any way, it’s just an article about the possibility that Britney Spears may be going bald. I just find it really funny, that’s all.

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