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Stop looking like a bum and clean up your act! You don’t have to be a metrosexual to want to look presentable. If you want to improve your look a little, the online stores listed below can help you get started.

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FEATURES & reviews
Philips Norelco Click & StyleShaving

Whether you preferring shaving with an electric razor, a modern multi-blade razor or an old-school razor, we've got you covered with tips and product reviews.

Adam PallyFacial Hair

In case you haven't noticed, facial hair is coming back. More guys have it and more women are saying they like it. It ranges from the stubble look to the full, fury beard. Check out our coverage of grooming tips and trends for beards and mustaches.

Vitaman Natural GroomingHair

We'll cover everything from hair styles to hair products and also address issues like hair loss and hair restoration. Nothing affects your look more than what you do with your hair.


If you don't do this for yourself, consider how your wife, girlfriend or the hottie you just picked up at the bar feels. Her appreciation will be worth the trouble!

FEATURED men's grooming sites

Barbershop Blog
This blog covers men's grooming, including reviews and updates regarding grooming products of all kinds.
This site has a good selection of branded products and you can sign up for their newsletter. Look in the mirror – you need the help! They have free shipping on orders over $50.
This site is organized around a number of useful topics – Shave, Face, Body, Hair, Sun, Colognes and Kits. They also have free shipping on orders over $50.
As soon as we clicked to this site, we knew it wasn’t designed for the casual user or the ordinary, messy male. Guys who use this site take their appearance very seriously (maybe too seriously). In any event, we all could probably learn a thing or two by spending quality time on this site, but we have more important things to do so we’ll leave this job to you.

Neiman Marcus
For all you guys who think that Target offers a quality shopping experience, we’ll clue you in on this simple fact – Neiman Marcus is an excellent store, and their online store is a great resource for quality products. That’s true in the category as well.
You know a shopping category is important once Amazon decides to cover it, so all you slobs out there no longer have any excuses.

Shave no More
Tired of shaving? Ultra Hair Away can be sprayed on and it removes unwanted hair. Some women like hair on men, but many don't. Try this product for your grooming needs.

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